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Wrestling Mats On Netflix?

Posted on: January 29th, 2014 by

Wrestling Mats Or Computer Key When Wresting With Your Work!Another year has come and gone. It has left us with many great human achievements as a species, and I hope, as individuals as well. I can only speak for myself but, Christmas and New Years bear a special significance for me as they are the holidays which literally make me sick. I’m not talking about ideals, my gripes with materialism or the exchange of human culture for that of consumption. No. I’m talking about literally getting sick. Like the flu. Three years in a row now, I’ve been sick dead-smack on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I had to resort to copious amounts of symptom suppressors, lotion infused tissues, and Netflix. Lots and lots of Netflix.

During the course of these, I subjected myself to martial arts hits like Sidekicks, American Ninja, and other B-grade karate-chop fests. But one can never get too far from their work I guess. During the competition scene in Sidekicks (starring RIP teen heart-throb Jonathan Brandis and Chuck F-ing Norris) I saw them… crosslink foam mats, competition style flooring all strewn over the entire gymnasium. Beautifully colored and textured as if almost taunting me to think about the office.

At this point, I realized that the medication and symptom suppressors were starting to really take their toll on my coherence. It was like a bad acid trip where as the dull plot of this flick turned into a slow psychological interrogation where I revealed Freudian archetypes to a non-existent shrink. These, however, were not your typical “mother issues” anymore (I have none) but instead mutated into vague whispers of “1-3/8″ crosslink foam, 18oz vinyl… yes… very durable… competition style wrestling mats too..”

Needless to say, I drank a lot more NyQuil than I should have. Vick’s might owe me a check. For the plug on our widely read blog and for the near death experience I had on their “medicine”.

Wrestling Mats Versus Gymnastics Mats!

Posted on: August 2nd, 2013 by

Wrestling Mats Made To Order!Among the biggest rivalries in history is Mother’s Day versus Father’s Day.  Think about the disparity between the two:

Moms get flowers, Dads get ugly ties.

Moms get candy, Dads get whoopee cushions and flatulence jokes.

Moms get to eat out, Dads end up choking on barbeque smoke.

Okay, I admit, I don’t have a problem with any of this. In fact, given the choice of waiting for expensive food prepared by a temperamental French cook and grilling my favorite chunk of meat on a mesquite grill with an icy beverage and some 60’s bebop blaring, I’ll take the grill anytime.

I bet you’re wondering how this all relates to mats. Me too. . . Wait, I got it!

Just as there is a perceived disparity between the two holidays, there may be a perceived disparity between two of our exercise floor mats, it all depends on the end user. Consider sports that use mats like wrestling mats versus gymnastic mats.

A wrestling mat is not a gymnastic floor. Typically a mat used for wrestling has fantastic energy absorption properties. When a mass with terrific kinetic force comes to an abrupt stop, generally speaking, you want that mass to have a fairly cushioned landing area so as not to have said mass break, spindle or mutilate. There has to be some degree of “pillowing”.

Contrast this with gymnastic floor mats need. Rather than absorb kinetic energy, it amplifies and returns the energy and softens landings without reducing kinetic energy. Without this property, tumbling runs would rely solely on the limb strength of the athlete to obtain height and rotation.

If you were to wrestle on a gymnastic floor, it would look like an old cartoon as bodies would be slammed about like Bam Bam Rubble from the Flintstones manhandling Barney BAM BAM BAM BAM! Whereas trying to do a double back or even a running front Russian on a wrestling mat would take legs the size of a youthful Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I look at the sentimental cards and handmade artsy-crafty stuff that makes my beloved wife get all teary eyed on Mother’s Day and I think, “What the heck is that?!” Just as I am sure my wife think, “That tie looks like a clown threw up, please don’t let him wear that outside where people can see.”

It’s all about the end user.

Wrestling Mats Or Even A Yoga Mat Can Help Deter Youth Violence!

Posted on: January 23rd, 2013 by

Unchecked male aggression is one of my pet peeves. All the macho with none of the class. When our reptilian brain beckons daily to just eat and breed, it’s no wonder the addition of entertainment on demand to our latest generation of teens and pre-teens can help provoke some of our less self-disciplined cubs to bully, steal, or just be all around jerks. Not only that, but add the pressures of social expectations in the face of adversity for many and you have a recipe for what seems to be a never-ending news feed of disenfranchised youths taking to recreational drugs, a stance against critical thought and educational institutions of any sort and in the worst cases, violence towards others.

I recently spoke to a customer who is working in the one of the poorest counties in the state of Kansas and is taking it upon himself to start a free youth wrestling program.  His program is aimed at teaching kids discipline, poise, and most importantly, self-control through the likes of wrestling mats. I couldn’t help but be a bit moved by the idea given that when I was growing up, programs like that greatly affected me and really did keep me deterred from expressing my more troublesome tendencies in an outwardly destructive ways.

Now I was never very athletic, but I distinctly remember how after-school programs that offered Tae Kwon Do, soccer, and even roller hockey, offered an alternative to the pressures of being a teenager in a low-income neighborhood where aside from staying indoors playing video-games and listening to music, there was little incentive for the ‘nerdy’ kids to go outside and socialize. Through a little positive influence and motivation from young adults such as this customer and mentors, kids can turn to martial arts, wrestling, exercise, and even using yoga products (which I have seen more and more recently especially here in Southern California) to make new friends, stay active, healthy, and build confidence and self-discipline. is always happy to offer additional discounts to various local and volunteer funded programs on just about all our inventory from martial arts mats or exercise flooring to a yoga mat or meditation products. If you, much like many of these mentors and willing individuals, wish to make a difference in your community, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help. While generally we don’t have second-hand items or donations available, we offer highly competitive pricing and might even be able to point you in the right direction if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for.

“Interlocking Carpet Tile Flooring, Perhaps?” The Mat Salesman, PART I

Posted on: October 30th, 2012 by

Once upon a morning dreary, after stumbled, late and weary,

Upon many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten quotes,

While I nodded, nearly sleeping, suddenly there came a ringing

As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my telephone.

“Thank you for calling,” I muttered, “How may I help you”

Only this I’ve said before…

Ah, distinctly I remember, this customers wish me dismembered

As each separate dying ember, wrought their ill forgotten quote.

“I called twice, good sir, last morrow – and I must insist you follow…

follow up on promised rubber flooring quotes!”

“I need rubber mats for my brood! They play rough, I must conclude,

that as such they’re safety surely would be skewed.”

Deep into the darkness peering, of my screen with products gleaming

Out I shot my first suggestion, “Interlocking carpet tile flooring perhaps?  It makes the ideal play room floor.”

I questioned others

“Folding mats, Gym mats, or Wrestling mats for the young in violence nestling?”

Bored and uninterested

Quoth the customer “Nevermore…”

Flabbergasted there I pondered, through the phone her children wandered

With their screaming deep inside the burrows of my soul.

What would appease this consumer beast

With needs ill met by merchants there before…

“Please, on hold you’ll wait

While I try and formulate some kind of discount for you more.”

PART II next week!

Kayla Harrison – First Judo Gold Medal Winner From USA

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by

Olympics… gotta love it!  As someone who sells martial arts mats, judo mats and wrestling mats for a living I never understood why judo didn’t get more coverage here in the United States?  Maybe that’s because before today the USA has never won a gold medal in Judo?  Well, thanks to Kayla Harrison who won the first Olympic Gold medal in judo for the USA in the women’s 78-kilogram title, that will no longer be the case.  Kayla is a 22-year-old with an inspirational story.

As a teenager Harrison tried to run away from home and considered suicide after suffering in silence through three years of sexual abuse at the hands of her first competitive judo coach.  Thank goodness, Kayla got a second chance at judo… and life.

She moved from a small town in Ohio to a suburb of Boston and became part of an elite judo program.  Her coach, Jimmy Pedro, a two-time Olympic medalist said “The American media have really embraced her. They followed her. They’re going to eat her up from here until forever.  She’s a good, good person. Cares about other people. Always willing to give back. She has an attitude of gratitude. And there’s nobody more deserving than her to climb to the top of podium.  She never skips a practice, she never skips a run, a lift.”

In an effort to inspire others from suffering as she did, Harrison has talked openly about her past.  She now hopes to inspire others to give judo.  ”I hope that America loves my story and hopefully a little girl or a little boy sees it and says, ‘Wow, mom I want to do that,’” Kayla said.

Way to go Kayla Harrison!

Posted on: September 22nd, 2011 by

Lightweight Wrestling Mats for Home Use, Gym, Club or SchoolWrestling Mats, Martial Arts Mats and/or high-end exercise mats are extremely expensive.  They are also generally heavy and difficult to transport or store.  There is now a new product on the market, Liteweight Wrestling Mats. These mats are manufactured in the USA with an exclusive, hot sprayed, polyvinyl paint coating. This provides a long-lasting and durable surface with the look, feel, and durability of a traditional mat surface. The 1-5/8” closed cell, cross-linked, polyethylene foam is ideal for absorbing impact and the flexible tambour slits on the bottom side allow for easy set-up.

These are currently the only wrestling mats to offer built in Microban® antimicrobial protection, which is designed to help protect the mat surface from the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.  As a testament to the quality and durability of these mats, when purchased you receive a 3-year manufacturer guarantee.

All these characteristics make this an ideal wrestling mat for home use, club or anywhere else you want to practice, especially if portability and storage are a concern.  Lightweight wrestling mats make a great wrestling mat for kids or adults alike.

Wrestling Mats

Posted on: June 11th, 2010 by

exercise matsHave you been looking among exercise mats, for wrestling mats, and haven’t found what you need?  Well, you’ll probably be able to end your search here and now.  Wrestling mats typically are made to endure greater impact and activity than personal or folding exercise mats.  You can choose three basic options for your approach to purchasing the right wrestling mats for your needs.

You can go with…

  1. Reconditioned/used wrestling mats.  Used mats that have been reconditioned on both sides; the most cost economical.  They’ve been re-cut or squared, tears have been repaired, and the surfaces have been reconditioned as well.
  2. Remnant wrestling mats.  Like the name implies, these are made from the remnants at the ends of rolls used to make bigger mats.  The remnants are glued together to form single mats, and provide a significant cost savings for you.
  3. New wrestling mats.  These are brand new, custom mats manufactured according to your specifications for size and color(s).

In addition to wrestling and other exercise mats, you might want to consider some sort of wall padding if you’re outfitting a school or even a private or home gym.