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Workout Gloves Can Be Multi-Purposed Or Re-Purposed!

Posted on: April 23rd, 2013 by

Workout gloves are multifunctional!There’s nothing more exciting than the first day of spring . . . what can I say, I need to get out more. The Ides of March are now safely in the rear view mirror and the onset of warmer weather rapidly approaches on fuzzy feet. Here in California, that means beach excursions are right around the corner. Surveying the bathing suit landscape has made me realize that unless I want to be mistaken for a wayward whale, I may need to shed a few pounds before venturing outside in something less than a hazmat suit.

MatsMatsMats has already supplied my household with a veritable plethora of fine choices for svelting down my ample Orwellian figure. (Orson Wells NOT George Orwell) and I have written in the past of such items as the exercise ball, the fitness flooring and kids carpet.

Today I would like to expound on the virtues of (pause for dramatic effect) the workout glove.

If you are delaying the actual choice of exercise till you find the motivation to begin said regimen, nothing tells your ever-loving spouse that you are committed to the process of slenderizing oneself than buying matching workout gloves. MatsMatsMats has a HUGE selection of gloves to choose from. Everything from a delicate pink to a more manly camouflage.

If you know me, you know I prefer products that can be multi-purposed or re-purposed and these bad boys have “batting gloves” written all over them. Maybe even James Bond-esque driving gloves! (“Yes, Miss Moneypenny, that’s shaken not stirred”)

The true purpose of these gloves is to use them in conjunction with weights to use a traditional approach to fitness. They also can be used to help cushion your hands when exercising, doing yoga, calisthenics or any other program that requires writhing on the floor gasping for breath.

Now that I have made that “first step”, I have decided to reward my efforts by treating myself to a martini and an exploding laser watch

Resistance Bands

Posted on: June 23rd, 2010 by

exercise productsYou gotta love the creative ways people come up with useful applications of surgical tubing! Take a look at the photo here of these resistance tubes, also sometimes called resistance bands, even though tubes are typically much stronger—and provide higher resistance—than mere bands. Of all the exercise products available, these are among the most versatile and useful.

You’ve seen surgical tubing used, undoubtedly, for those high-powered slingshots often called “wrist rockets.” The elastic tubing is terrifically strong, providing resistance perfect for a wide variety of workout situations. These are truly a must for the person serious about physical fitness whether aerobic or even strength training. I’d say these are as important to the cardio conscious individual as workout gloves are to the person “pumping iron.”