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Matlay Dance Floor For All Your Dancing Needs!

Posted on: May 15th, 2013 by

Marley Dane Floor Is The Perfect Dance Studio Floor!I am always looking for things to do with my children. Someone once gave me this bit of sage advice, “The hours are long but the years are short.” With a 10, 12 and 14 year old, I have experienced this first hand. As any parent can tell you, it seems like once the little people enter your life, if you blink, they age a year.

I remember growing up in a theatrical family, where we were always putting on homemade plays, skits and sketches. The highlight of the show was always me with my headband pretending to work out on my exercise mat and my older sister Tap Dancing with bottle-cap taps, on a cement floor in our garage.

Tap dancing has always been my favorite form of dance; making noise while you slap your feet on the ground, learning a time step, how to shuffle off to Buffalo. I learned to tap when a local high school needed a little kid to tap for a production of Gypsy. Here was something I could do with my kids.

Getting the tap shoes was an expensive but easy process but getting the right surface on which to tap proved a bit more difficult. It had to be portable, with a hard striking surface yet have some give and traction. After experimenting I came up with two, 6’x8’ plywood floors, covered with a Matlay Dance Floor “skin” from that I secure with vinyl tape which I also got at  Now I have portable, professional looking vinyl dance floor that I can lay down anywhere and give the kidlettes basic tap lessons. My son has had me in for a father/son talent show that had us time stepping in tandem on the flooring. I even had a couple moms ask me where I bought the Marley floor.

All of my kids can now tap better than I, having received lessons at a local dance studio but we all get together and they teach me what they have learned. My wife asked if I could expand the flooring enough to learn ballroom dancing. . .yikes!

Dancing Is A Great Workout, But What’s The Best Dance Floor?

Posted on: June 14th, 2012 by

I received a phone call the other day from a previous customer who has purchased from us on multiple occasions.  During our conversation, I asked him how the Matlay Dance Flooring he purchased from us a couple of years ago was holding up.  He said that he was actually hesitant at first to purchase our vinyl dance floor because he wasn’t sure how it would hold up in a tap dance environment and with various pieces of equipment that they would often put on the floor.  He then proceeded to tell me that the matlay dance floor looks almost as new as the day he bought it.

 He further stated that he has recommended our company over the years to several other dance studios and they have all been extremely happy with our service and how quickly they received the flooring after they placed their order… and of course the money they saved.  He said he will continue to recommend people to our company and thanked me again for our great sales and customer service team.

I wanted to share this customer story with you because I received a phone call the other day from another customer of ours was looking into buying the adagio flooring, but got a quote that was about twice the cost of our dance flooring.  I think we know who she ended up buying from!   So, to anyone who may have hesitations about purchasing our Matlay Dance Floor, hopefully this gives you a little peace of mind.