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Custom Treadmill Mat and Exercise Equipment Mat

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by

Treadmill mats and other types of exercise equipment mats are an important part of a gym or home gym design.  The most common materials used for these mats is vinyl and rubber.  There are a few options in stock mat sizes and very few options in regard to mats color (usually just solid black).  Some people want something a different size and/or a different color and it’s not that easy to find. 

Here is feedback received from one customer who purchased a rubber equipment mat for two of his exercise machines: 

“I recently purchased some Rolled Rubber material from your company to use underneath my exercise equipment. I had moved the equipment to a room in my house that had hardwood flooring and needed to get protection under the equipment in a hurry.  I required specific sizes and wanted something I could cut down to the exact size I wanted.
Speaking to one of your representatives they pointed me in the direction of a 25′ roll of this solid rubber material. He checked to make sure it was in stock and got it out to me right away. Knowing I was putting it on hardwood he told me that the material that had the brown fleck in it would have a nice color match.
Well, it was spot on. Not only do I have the protection I need it has also made the room look real nice. Durable, easy to cut and just lay it down. The next week my friends next door did the same exact thing, they were pretty impressed. I sent you this picture so you can see how it turned out.  I just wanted to say thanks for the full service that you don’t seem to get from internet companies anymore. “
Thanks for the feedback Mike.

Equipment Mats Protect Your Floors And Equipment

Posted on: July 15th, 2010 by

Treadmill MatProtect your floors and carpets from damage due to heavy and awkward exercise equipment. Exercise Equipment Mats are specifically designed for cement or hardwood floors, as well as carpet.  These equipment mats (such as treadmill mats, bike/stepper mats, elliptical mats, Bowflex machines, stair machines, free weights/dumbells, etc.) will reduce noise and vibrations, while also protecting your floors. Â

Additionally, by using exercise equipment mats you will extend the life of your equipment by preventing floor debris, carpet fibers, and dust from entering belts, motors and mechanical parts. This will alleviate expensive repairs to equipment and your floors.

Equipment mats are available in various thicknesses (e.g. 1/4″ or 3/8″).  They are also offered as rubber equipment mats or vinyl mats.  In addition to the standard sizes, custom sizes are also available if desired.