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Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: June 29th, 2010 by

trade show flooringThere are a number of different flooring types that qualify as trade show flooring. You have trade show booth flooring with a faux wood finish, there’s soft top that looks and feels an awful lot like foam tiles you’ve surely seen in a variety of flooring environments.

Then, there’s SoftCarpet [a trademark product] that typically comes in foam, interlocking tiles, that has a carpet top, but doesn’t have that “concrete underneath” feel, as these foam tiles do provide anti-fatigue characteristics you might not have been seeking while shopping for trade show flooring for your expo or other exhibit.

The soft, durable, shock-absorbing feel helps to relieve strain on the lower back and joints in the feet and legs, while providing protection against falls or breakage of precious items dropped.

Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

trade show flooringSuppose you knew someone who owned a blown glass boutique and wanted to exhibit at an expo in his or her local, city convention center that happens to have concrete floors. If that person asked you to help with transporting the glass goods to the convention center, what would you say if you noticed they didn’t have any trade show booth flooring, or even foam mats to put down in the event one of the display items was dropped or knocked off onto the floor?

Most likely, you’d say, “You really should have something to pad the floor just in case someone drops one of your pieces; you know…to keep it from getting shattered into a million pieces.” Of course, such a person would most likely have thought of that, but…you never know, and…you, being the good friend you [most likely] are, would be obliged to mention the fact.

Anti-fatigue trade show flooring, you could tell your friend, will protect against damaged goods on those concrete floors, as well [you’ll say with confidence and impressive savvy] help preserve the feet, joints, and backs of those standing behind the display cases all day.

What a great asset you are as a friend!

Trade Show Booth Flooring

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

trade show booth flooringSoftCarpetTM trade show flooring actually energizes staff members with its superb, soft, cushioned, underfoot experience. These carpet top, interlocking foam tiles are easily put together, look fantastic, come in a nice variety of colors, and even provides great, anti-fatigue support so as to prevent personnel from getting so easily wearied while being on foot all day. There’s hardly a better looking trade show flooring available on the market, while providing excellence in comfort to feet, back and other body joints.

If you would like something equally as comfortable, but with a wood floor appearance [brighter and generates more contrast], then you will simply love SoftWood trade show booth flooring, which gives the appearance of a wood laminate floor, but is not as hard on the feet, of course, as a hard, wood floor.

Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: May 28th, 2010 by

trade show flooringWhen you’re looking for trade show flooring, your options are so numerous, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed at times; but it’s really about needs and taste combined. If you do a lot of expos, then you might be looking at some nice trade show booth flooring, such as the SoftCarpet top, which is elegant, durable, and practical. Trade show flooring comes in roll up versions as well as foam interlocking tiles so as to piece together just the right size to suit your needs.

And, of course, when you’re traveling, you should not neglect appropriate storage and transport units to haul your flooring. That’s why everything has been thought of for you!
Trade show shipping cases are great for putting in the belly of a plane, or even in a moving van or underneath a large touring bus; just choose whether or not you want wheels.

Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Posted on: May 20th, 2010 by

trade show flooringWhile shopping for the perfect trade show flooring, with ant-fatigue qualities, how does one go about prioritizing which characteristics to consider first? Well, the great thing about the availability of anti-fatigue trade show flooring or rubber flooring with anti-fatigue traits, is there really is so much variety to choose from; you really shouldn’t be faced with a too tough of a choice.

If you need a carpet top flooring, that’s no problem; there are numerous colors suitable to every environment. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show expo and want the look of wood flooring, then SoftWoodTM trade show booth flooring is superb—looks fantastic, absorbs body weight, like you’d expect from anti-fatigue mats, as well as sound and vibrations…it even will protect any breakable items, should they be dropped, where concrete would be the landing spot, otherwise.

Most of this flooring comes in either foam, interlocking tiles, or in rolled segments. The important thing is they relieve fatigue on joints such as lower back, ankles, and knees, while sparing feet as well.

Recycled Rubber Flooring

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

trade show flooring Recycled rubber flooring makes up much of what is used today in the trade show flooring industry.  Whether you are looking for a carpet top look, a camouflage print, basic color variations, or even a faux wood appearance, you can pretty much bet the selections you will be mulling over are made of 100%, lead-free, foam recycled rubber. Isn’t it fantastic how far recycling has come in our day and age?

Suppose you have a corporate event expo you will be putting together and find you will be setting up on concrete floors, and yet you have fine glass display cases that you just don’t want on those concrete floors; or suppose you have goods that, if dropped on concrete, will break [like most breakable items do when dropped on concrete, right?].

The ideal solution for you is surely interlocking, foam tiles. SoftWoodTM makes fabulous faux wood, trade show booth flooring made of lead and latex-free EVA foam that will not absorb water, provides great sound/vibration insulation, anti-fatigue benefits, and will protect against accidental breaks.