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Vox Filter Using Foam Tiles, Who Knew?

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by
In addition to being a sales representative at, I currently own and operate a small project studio and record label out of my house.  We track bands, produce them, and occasionally take some projects out on the road.  Working at for the past 3+ years has been that additional bread and butter that securely pays the bills when the music can’t.  
I’ve often found myself scheming over which one of our products can cross over and apply in the music field.  Until recently, vocal or voiceover recording were not really something that was that problematic.  However, upon my most recent project, I decided that I really needed a vocal isolation booth.  Being expensive to build and impractical to house in my current living space, I turned to some of our sample materials here at the office to do some creative problem solving. 
I took a few samples of our 5/8″ EVA foam interlocking tiles with the carpeted top, which is typically used as interlocking foam flooring for a basement, playroom, exercise room or as trade show booth flooring.  Using a wireframe for the outside (to hold the shape) and cutting and molding it to size, I was able to make a isolation panel that sits and in housed right on the microphone stand to clean up all the reflections from the back wall! Also pictured, the front side uses a piece of memory foam from an old mattress.  It’s not perfect by any means, but the difference in my vocal tracks is ASTOUNDING! No more echo or flutter in my tracks, only clean, dry, broadcast quality isolated vocals ready for additional treatment or sweetening.
A perfect example of how, with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, a lot of our products can be used for un-common applications with unexpectedly great results.

Display Flooring

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by
I work for a mat company as a sales representative and I sell a lot of mats.  One of the most common product lines is our trade show flooring for trade show booths.  There is a large selection to choose from and various styles and colors as well.  In addition to the trade show booth flooring customers are often also interested in display flooring to highlight or feature something within the booth.
With that in mind, I’d like to share with you a note I recently received from one of my customers:
“I have been looking and looking and looking for a product that I can place under the different boats that I build for my customers to place in there businesses. I have bought tiles that aren’t strong enough or don’t look nearly as nice as your tiles. Not only were they easy to install and provide protection for the kids playing on them It has helped my business to really boom. I can’t thank you guys enough for not only supplying this product but for the service that I got from the sales and customer service staff.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 
What a unique use for our trade show flooring and what great feedback from one my customers.  Thanks Tom!

Trade Show Floor – AntiFatigue Flooring That Looks Great Too!

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by

Trade Show FlooringCustomers who are upset let you know it, but if someone is extremely happy with a product or service they generally don’t let you know it.  That wasn’t the case for  One customer, Jeffrey of ShelfGenie – Boston, wrote:

I recently purchased a 10×20 wood foam floor [wood film laminate] for our ShelfGenie HomeShow display trade show booth flooring.

We exhibited this at the Suburban Boston Home Show in Wilmington, Massachusetts.  The show was a great success.  Thousands of people came by our booth over a 3 day period, and hundreds of them walked on your floor to spend some time with us.  Several hundred more took a break from walking on the concrete floor and greatly appreciated resting their sore feet on the mat. 

We lost count of the number of people who asked us where we got our trade show floor.  It was at least several dozen – both consumers and other exhibitors.

The response to our booth flooring was so strong that it prompted me to write.

Trade Show Shipping Cases

Posted on: May 3rd, 2010 by

trade show flooring casesTrade show shipping cases go together with trade show flooring the same way a guitar case [should] go with a nice guitar: something of value should be properly stored, transported…protected…as these things are indeed investments, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, it is possible to transport your foam, or other show flooring tiles or rolls without using shipping cases made specifically for the safe carrying of attractive, sometimes cumbersome sections of flooring, but in all honesty, why would anyone want to endanger something so valuable, which can be used repeatedly, for years to come, if well taken care of?

If you are engaged in business that involves your taking goods to trade shows or other expos, then you’ve probably already got your own trade show flooring to suit your needs, and that’s great. But if you’re just starting out, or are in the market for new flooring, then you really should protect your investment with enough trade show shipping cases to protect your flooring.