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Bouldering Mats Or Stunt Mats Required!

Posted on: December 20th, 2012 by

Stunt Mats Will Cushion Your Fall!I love rock climbing!  There are few things more exciting, intimidating, rewarding and down-right frightening than climbing a giant rock! Now imagine my surprise and supreme enthusiasm when I looked through our stunt mats and throw mats and found that these are absolutely perfect for bouldering mats.  Now if you are not aware, or are just starting out; bouldering is a version of free-climbing.  Free climbing is where you are not supported by a harness or top-rope.  This is because most bouldering is only 10-15 feet up on average.  So since you do not have the safety of a rope, you definitely need the comfort and safety of a suitable mat to break your fall, and yes…you will fall. 

Our stunt mats are made exactly for situations like this, and with the 2 handles on each of the 4 sides of all our crash mats it makes it perfect to center it in place right where you need it.  Also with 4”, 8”, and 24” thicknesses that we have them in, it makes for great practice mats for most low height bouldering climbs.  So if you’re looking for a great, versatile, quality stunt mat; whether you’re climbing rocks or falling off them, I would definitely recommend you take a look and get back out there to solving your problems on those pesky walls.  Till next time everyone, take care and Happy Holidays!

Exercise Flooring Has Many Great Known, Even Some Unknown, Uses!

Posted on: November 6th, 2012 by

A bad spill can be embarrassing or monstrously hilarious. Is it too late to use spooky adjectives? Monstrosity? Devilishly? I think I missed the boat so lets move on.

This past weekend, I got to rejoice in the misfortune of a stranger. Poor fellow took a nasty spill walking up to his front door. Not sure if the sprinklers were recently working or some kind of freak sheet of ice covered his concrete walkway to his front door (SoCal so not likely), or perhaps misusing new exercise products, nonetheless it was quite glorious.

His arms flailed upwards while he tried to use one of his hands to hold on to the grocery bag he was carrying and the other to maintain his balance in a weird pose like a half-demon on a Dore engraving. In slow motion, right before my eyes, his body angled itself toward the ground and the expression of his face spoke of inevitable shame, humiliation, and a possible doctors visit if the landing is botched. I thought to myself, if only he had a thick exercise mat, better yet, stunt mats to cushion his fall.

A quick split second passes, he’s on the floor, the grocery bag is in the air, and he covers his face as if it were to land on him. It misses him by a hair and I try with every ounce of my strength to hold in my laughter as I run across the street to help him up. He’s okay.

He lost his footing. However, I did notice, he’ had no welcome mats or walkway mats. In a quick fit of opportunistic sales tactic, I hand him a card and point him towards our website. He stares at me blankly…

Mats For Climbing Walls

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by

Mats For Climbing WallsI have been getting a lot of requests from various people and companies regarding what type of mat to put under their climbing walls.  Some people know what they want, but most don’t.  I have a couple customers that own athletic facilities with climbing walls. We have worked close together to figure out the best thicknesses, sizes and foam types to use. Basically we are customizing climbing wall mats that were previously created for other purposes.

A good example is our stunt mats which come in three different thicknesses and multiple sizes. We have altered multiple things from the sizes to the types of foam and placement of them.  Sometimes, you may want a stiffer foam on top and softer on the bottom, or the same stiffness all the way through.  What’s great is we have the capabilities to do that.

We can create mats for climbing walls in various sizes, thicknesses, colors, etc.  We can create mats that are suitable for gyms, clubs, parties or home use.  Quite often custom mats are not necessary and our stock mats will work just fine for your needs.  It is still a learning process where we can work and help the customer to decide what may work for them, but in the end we also can’t guarantee that they won’t hurt themselves.  We can just go off recommendations from previous customers that have created custom mats and customers that know exactly what they want.

Stunt Landing Mats Needed in 5-4-3-2…

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by
Stunt landing pad and stund landing mats are a mustIt’s a little embarrassing, but I watched the Expendables 2 a few days ago… and I loved it! Not for it’s great dialogue or impeccable acting (to be honest, both were actually much better than I expected). It was the fact that all these aging actors (some who were in their 30′s back in the 1980′s!) were all pulling crazy stunts left and right which got me thinking about the pros that choreograph and plan out falls from buildings, jumps out of burning planes, and riding motorcycles through a maternity ward and off a 14 story hospital window. None of these are in this movie.. I don’t want to be a spoiler.
Anywho… I’ve got a couple of friends that do stunts and stand-ins for fight scenes and the like. Both of these cats are excellent martial artists as well and one of them (my personal trainer) happens to use layers of 24″ thick stunt mats for practicing his landings from high falls. He’s used all kinds of crash mats before and he’s told me that what is usually used is a large breathable stunt landing pad (more like balloons) with a constant positive airflow from a compressor for these applications. However, what he likes about our stunt landing mats is that to him, they are less like human catcher’s mitts and more like a very thick and soft pillow to land on. The breathable mesh on the sides allows the thick foam to have full air escape for excellent compression and energy transfer from a fall.
I wish I could say more about the Expendables, but I’d rather force everyone to go watch and contemplate that there’s 50-70 year old actors shooting each other and jumping out of planes for our entertainment.