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Kids Products Work Perfectly For My Man Cave!

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by

Spring time comes to town and allergies all around. I can already feel the sunshine on my face, the happiness, the overwhelming sense of joy at little critters being born and coming out of their cubby holes to eat one another. Also, delicious pollen and allergens floating in the air all ready to make us break out in hives, get sever sinus headaches, and all around very moody.

But not me… no sir. I’ve got a plan. That plan in copious amounts of indoor time. That’s right. What better way to enjoy the rites of Spring then staying indoors with your comfort products watching nature shows. It’s like all the fun of the outdoors without the dangers of a foreboding urban landscape and even worse: nature! I’ll be turning on my stories (read: PS3) and exercising (read: rotting) my under stimulated mind with epic interactive action stories! However, I have a cramped space and currently lack a ‘man cave’ of sorts. I always thought it was funny that a ‘mans cave’ has so many ‘kids products‘.  Anyway, my current living situation does not permit me to truly veg out in true Spring fashion. That’s where our kids bean bag chairs come in. Not only are they small enough to serve as comfy rockers for my bum, but because kids furniture is technically compact for my size, they actually force me to sit up straight much better! It’s the perfect solution to keep me indoors, safe, and judging by how ridiculous this all sounds, possibly abstinent! Nice sports rugs would be cool too!  Happy Spring everybody!

Custom Logo Mats For All Occasions!

Posted on: March 13th, 2013 by

Personalized door mats for all occasions!This has been a hectic week for me and my household. I’ve had teens, tweens and preteens, traipsing through my house like Sherman marching through Atlanta. My refrigerator has seen more action than the most common of clichés that you can think of that sees a lot of action. At the peak of occupancy, I’m sure Noah looked down from above and wondered how that many creatures could fit in that space and what were we doing for restrooms.

Just when I thought it could not get any louder and nerve wracking, the doorbell rings AGAIN.

I’m sure the teenager at my door had the noblest of intentions when they agreed to sell whatever the heck it is they were trying to sell and I am usually very receptive to these juvenile pitchmen as they wander through the neighborhood hawking the assorted candy, plastic junk, subscriptions and whatnots that they lug around. However, straw met camel. Camel started venting. Poor teen fled practically in tears.

This could have been prevented by the simple use of custom logo mats. See, these doormats can come with whatever logo or phrase you want or need to have displayed. My fault is that my current front door mats say, “Welcome.”  People see this and assume I mean it. What it should say is, “An overstressed, possibly psychotic father of three, lives here, approach at your own risk especially if you’re a male between the ages of 5 and 70.”  Instead I am getting outdoor mats that say “NO SOLICITING, THIS MEANS YOU!” AND since I am getting a vanity mat, I’m getting sports rugs for my Lakers and one for my Angels as well, since MatsMatsMats can also make those to order.

Sports Mats

Posted on: May 19th, 2010 by

sports rugs and matsFor the major league baseball, NBA, NHL, or NFL sports enthusiast in your life, there are few gifts more greatly appreciated than high quality sports rugs and sports mats. These league quality, area sports rugs go way beyond posters, pennants, and comforters for making a statement of team loyalty; these sports rugs and mats look as though they were stolen from the corporate offices where the owners of the various teams meet.

Seriously, the quality of these rugs simply has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. These aren’t like children’s play rugs with pictures of fire trucks, roads, and maps even though those are great for small children.

The sports rugs we’re talking about, here, like the one pictured here, aren’t merely silk-screened on the surface of the carpet fibers, no sir, no ma’am! These pristine rugs carry the colors of the various logos deep down to the fiber base, and when you get your rug(s) you’ll be awe-struck at just how sharp they look, and you’ll truly be proud to place one even in your living room, let alone at the foot of your bed!

You’d just better hope your spouse doesn’t like an opposing team!