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NFL Area Rugs And Sports Mats, Who Knew?

Posted on: September 11th, 2012 by

A true testament to how many products we carry is the fact that after 2 years of working here, I just discovered the extensive collection of Sports Mats we have!  Ordinarily I handle custom orders so unless it’s a product that can be produced in custom sizes, I don’t really deal with it. 

NFL Area RugsThe way I found out we even had such a huge selection is because my cousin called me to ask what kind of discount I could get her on a San Diego Chargers area rug and she wanted to know if the quality is better than hers.  Do you guys remember the plastic canvas patterns we played with as kids? You know, you would thread the different colored yarn through the template to make a furry image? Well that’s what her rug looks like (similar to the image above).  Needless to say, I told her our nfl area rugs are MUCH better quality and would look so much nicer in her game room! She doesn’t actually have her current “rug” on the floor, it hangs on her wall- So a 7’8”x10’9” rug will hang perfectly over the wall.  

NFL Area Rugs - Chargers area rugI decided not to give her any pricing, because I will give one to her and every other sports fan in my family for Christmas. That just took so much pressure off me!  I can easily get everyone a gift from one place, with minimal thought and they will all be unique.  I’m going to be a hero, because my family takes their sports seriously!  I just need to figure out what size to get everyone.

So, if you need a birthday gift for a sports fan or a Christmas gift for a sports fanatic? Check out our sports mats (NFL area rugs, MLB rugs, NHL team rugs and college logo mats. You can thank me later!