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Snow And Ice Melting Mats Can Be A Pain In The Stockings!

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by

It’s cold.  It’s snowing.  You’ve got your heated floor mats  outside.  It’s great.  We are all thoroughly enjoying the 6 inches of snow and cool breeze of winters delight…Said no one in Los Angeles, ever!

 Nevertheless, we are just one lowly spread out city inhabited by millions of individuals parading around in our sun basked joy. For those of you (un)lucky snowy mountaineers, New Englanders, or Mid-Westerners, getting the snow off your doormats can be a pain in the stockings!

 But fret not, just jingle over to our Snow and Ice Melting Mats and plug that sucker in. Make sure all the jolly holiday sprit oozing from those friendly neighborhood carolers’ pie-holes is met with nice, warm, comfy, toasty, and non-slip-hazard comfort when they come to your door! Feel free to check out our foot warmer mat selection as well and get all toasty comfy for the cold! Snuggles!