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Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by

commercial anti-fatigue matsCommercial anti-fatigue mats are an investment; and a wise one, at that.  Ask anyone who has had to stand or move about in a single or restricted space for many hours, day in and day out, on hard floors, without the use of an anti-fatigue mat—whether they’ve experienced them before or not—if they’d like to have an anti-fatigue mat beneath his or her feet versus the bare floor, and you won’t see such a person pause to consider if he or she would prefer the mats!

Anyone who has ever had to stand still on a hard floor for very long, in hard-soled shoes, or even barefoot can tell you it would be preferable to wear some shoes with a shock absorptive sole, and could probably guess at what the anti-fatigue benefits might be!  The great thing about most anti-fatigue mats is they serve multiple purposes and functions from back and joint relief, to slip protection, to protection against falls.

Anti-Fatigue Work Mats

Posted on: May 3rd, 2010 by

Anti-fatigue, non-slip matsMany work environments can be dangerous.  That’s why it’s best, if you’re responsible for the safety and well being of many others, to provide safe, durable, anti-fatigue work mats for everyone’s general, overall safety.  The obvious benefit, of course, of having high quality, industrial-grade mats in place is safety.   The less visible benefits are improved performance due to reduced stress on legs and joints, lower back, and injuries that don’t happen when falls occur, because a concrete floor was cushioned by a foam mat!  These benefits cannot be over-emphasized.

If yours is an environment where there’s much water or the presence of other liquids that can cause slippery floors, rubber mats with drainage holes are a real “no-brainer” for the wise and safety-minded supervisor or owner who cares about his or her workers…and self!  The point is, no matter your working conditions, there’s likely a need for some quality anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip mats, or even door mats to help keep everyone on the premises as safe as possible.

Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: April 30th, 2010 by

Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue MatsNon-slip anti-fatigue mats are crucial for the worker that stands on his or her feet for hours a day, in circumstances where there is a possibility of slippage due to lose moisture or potential spills inherent to work conditions.  Not just any old rubber mat should be purchased to save the company a few bucks, as you can’t put a price on safety or the value of employees whose legs and backs aren’t overly fatigued.  Only tough, exceptionally durable non-slip anti-fatigue mats should be considered.

And for those areas where an anti-fatigue mat isn’t necessary, such as entryways, StayputTM indoor or outdoor entry mats are the appropriate choice—there’s no sense purchasing an anti-fatigue mat where traffic is brief and constantly moving, although non-slip mats would be fitting for such areas.

Safety Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Rubber Safety anti-fatigue matsWhen you’re looking for safety anti-fatigue mats for your workplace or other need, it’s good to know there are plentiful supplies and varieties to choose from; you just need to take some time to view your options and think a bit about the size of the space where you’ll place the mat(s) and choose according to how much traffic the mats will get each day. Diamond Plate safety mats have been a longtime favorite due to their durability and practical use, while marbleized rubber anti-fatigue mats are fantastic if you are looking for something without a textured surface.  Of course, for heavier, industrial applications, where there are likely to be spills, or moisture underfoot, you would want a heavily textured safety mat that will keep moisture, mud, or other impurities off the mats surface.  Whatever the case, there’s a safety anti-fatigue mat to suit every need.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Posted on: April 28th, 2010 by

Anti-Fatigue MatsAnti-fatigue mats are an important safety consideration for business owners.  If you own a business and are concerned about safety for your employees or visitors to your location, the safety benefits, alone, of anti-fatigue mats make them well worth the nominal investment.  Many insurance companies count mats as one of the major precautionary measures that can be taken to prevent slips, as well as providing added protection against bodily injuries during falls.  If you have employees who stand in place for many hours, or work in confined spaces, safety anti-fatigue mats are also and excellent choice; explore the options that work best for you.