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Dog Crazy

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by

Rolled Rubber Flooring - Doggy Daycare FlooringThere are several dog flooring options, but lately everyone in the dog day care business and dog agility world seem to be turning to the rolled rubber flooring as their preferred choice of flooring.  It has been something of a revolution in the business. The material is easy to roll out and install.  When used with the sealant it is impenetrable to water.  It provides cushioning for the dogs paws and I have not had a single complaint about scratches.  In short, rolled rubber makes wonderful doggy daycare flooring.

The material is used in gyms and other facilities like ski resorts because of its durability.  Made of 100% recycled rubber where over 85% comes from tires it is very environmentally friendly. The process to produce the material is lengthy to say the least, but still quite affordable.  

So, if you are in the market for doggy daycare flooring, agility flooring, rubber gym flooring or any other place that might benefit from this eco-friendly, durable, versitale product you’re welcome for the news flash.

Comfortable Planking

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by

exercise mat in various colorsMy trainer put me through a rigorous regiment twice a week.  Embarking on new vegetarian diet means I have to watch what I eat even more.  While at the gym this past weekend, I noticed that when it comes to doing planks, everyone’s got a very different idea of what is comfortable on the ground.  For those not familiar, a plank is a very simple yet very effective form of core training.  You basically get down on the floor, back straight, and lift your body off the floor with your forearms on the floor.  The idea is you use your elbows and toes to anchor your body while your core (lower back and abdomen) support your body.  A minute of this can get pretty intense pretty fast.

At my gym, we have workout mats in varying thicknesses.  What I noticed was that depending on the person, different mats will provide a substantially different level of comfort and balance when planking.  A petite woman with a small frame would probably dig into a plank on a relatively thin mat like a yoga mat, while a larger, body-builder type male will not get much out of anything less than 1-3/8″ dense crosslink foam exercise mat for most floor stretches and things like planks.
When it comes to finding exercise mats for particular applications, one must always consider comfort, thickness, and (often overlooked) body chemistry. At 6’4″ and 198lbs, I found that my deciding factor when using any of the floor mats for exercise, is the actual surface material.  Smooth Vinyl on most crosslink mats, embossing pattern on closed-cell pvc mats (e.g. yoga mats) or the hard surface of the rubber gym flooring.  I happen to sweat A LOT. Like, a lot.  So much in fact, that by the time I’m doing a plank, my elbows begin sliding on the vinyl covering of a crosslink mat.  As a result, I always go for the pebble embossed 3/8″ thick closed-cell pvc mats and the 5/8″ when available.  The thickness, comfort, and grip it provides for me are just the thing needed to attempt a 90 second plank without sliding around once the muscles start to give.

Sales Without Commission

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much fun I have working here.  I work with mats, so I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m probably exaggerating, but I’m not.  Unlike most sales jobs, we don’t work on commission and we don’t read of scripts.  In my opinion that gives you a pretty unique and “real” experience.  I think not working on commission really helps us stay honest.  I’m sure we’ve all dealt with that less than honest sales person who’s just trying to make a buck and will say whatever it takes.  Because we don’t have quotas or financial incentives I really have no reason to lie or mislead you.  The owners of the company NEVER push us to sell or pressure our customers.  Whether it’s one of our kids play mats, our trade show flooring, rubber gym flooring or any one of the thousands of mat products we offer, our products are quality and the reviews from you guys speak for themselves.  You can be sure that we will never sell you a product that won’t work or you don’t need.

The lack of scripts allows us to be ourselves, we here at all have such different personalities that you’ll know you’re talking to a real person not some robot going through the motions.  We all have our own opinions on how to do things and when you call with questions or problem, it’s really a group effort.  We bounce ideas and solutions off each other and it’s beneficial in making sure you are taken care of properly.  I think that’s what makes working here so stress free.  I know that if I don’t know how to do something or if I don’t have the answer I have co-workers that are there and willing to help me.  We are like a family and work as such.  It’s more about being united as a company and less about being the “star” employee. Being that we have so many products, it’s hard to be an expert on everything but we work as a team and each have our own areas of expertise, so if I’m not 100% sure about a product I can easily get an answer for you.

So, whether it’s your first time calling us, or you’re a repeat customer, I hope this gave you a little insight into our company and how much we actually care about you and what we do.

Rolled Rubber Everywhere

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by

As a sales representative for a mat company, I have had many inquires into our Rolled Rubber product and it’s many uses.  It is one of my favorite products to sell as it is tough as nails and has many applications.  I originally sold it as rubber gym flooring for large commercial gyms to residential home use.  Since then I have found many uses for the product and a lot of times it is the customer who lets me know why it works well for them.

One of my favorites and largest growing uses is for doggy day care and agility facilities.  In the past there wasn’t a good material for doggy daycare flooring.  Since then the word has spread that this is the product to use.  It can be lose laid for people who are just leasing a spot or glued down for permanent applications.  For agility the thicker material is usually used and for day care type facilities a thinner version may be used with a sealer application for easy clean-up.

I am now starting to sell to; golf courses for their bridges, ramps for better traction, ski lodges for their work stations, and patios to protect them from weather/especially snow. The list goes on and on and is still growing.

And to know that this is made from recycled car tires is the icing on the cake. Just think about all the tires you have gone through in your lifetime and that we have found such great uses for them.  Rather then taking them to a junkyard and wasting space. The material is used for other products as well, like playground tiles and much, much more. Too much to list at the moment. What a fantastic product.