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Exercise Equipment, Like The Exercise Ball, Make Working Out Fun!

Posted on: February 25th, 2013 by

Boy do I love to exercise, there’s nothing like the sound of these old knee joints popping and crunching as I  go through the latest Zumba/WII Fit/ Cardio Jam torture . . . er,  I mean routine. I especially enjoy my beloved spouse of 23 years glaring at me when I don’t show the same enthusiasm for this masochistic regimen of mindless agony that she displays:  “See sweetie, your gasping, moaning and sweating more than a politician under a recall vote is a sign that it’s WORKING.”

Bah. I would do almost any exercise if you could make it FUN. Make it fun AND competitive and you got me.  Make it fun, competitive and something that can be abused when not functioning as part of an exercise session and it becomes subversive and wildly desirable. I am talking about the Exercise Ball. There are legions of fun routines that engage the core (the trunk we used to call it in the old days before new math). Almost any standard callisthenic type of regimen can be altered to include the Exercise Ball. Sit-ups, push-ups, knee bends leg lifts all get much more intense with the giant ball o’ fun. There are a veritable plethora of videos online to incorporate into the workout. When you are first learning how to use the Ball, I would suggest purchasing throw mats or some type of thick exercise mat for softer landings. You may be wondering where the competitive /subversive pats come in.  It is along the lines of, “Two men enter, one man leaves.”

For this duel, you will need two of the large balls and two of the smaller balls. Using the larger of the two balls you lie belly down on the larger ball, your “second” helps position your feet on the smaller. Your worthy opponent mounts upon their own glorious steed of inflated rubber balls within arm’s reach. On the count of three you then attempt to knock your opponent off their perch OR lose control of the smaller of the two balls. This will get noisy. Make sure there are no electronic appliances anywhere nearby. Preferably you will do this outdoors, on rubber flooring out of view of the faint of heart. Variations include wielding various plastic weaponry and toy shields.

Rolled Rubber Flooring – Where Doggy Gym Meets Dog Park!

Posted on: January 23rd, 2013 by

Rolled rubber flooring is great for animals to play on I have recently adopted sort of speak a hellishly adorable little puppy.  Now this little wiper-snapper is quite the handful.  Despite being the size of a small cat, he can certainly hold his own.  This little “amigo”, who’s name…is Amigo, is like a miniature neutron bomb with the ever last of the Energizer Bunny.  Apparently that is fairly common with his bread, a half Chiwawa, half Pug; which by the way is painfully adorable. This makes it very difficult to leave the little guy alone while I go to work each day.  So with a little digging, and bit of luck I found a local Doggy Day Care Center for the mi’ Amigo. 

 The place is like a doggy gym meets dog-park. The area is covered wall to wall with Rolled Rubber Flooring, and might I say very well maintained.  Now naturally being a new daddy, I did my research on the doggy day care before relinquishing my little pup to them.  They clean their Rubber Flooring each day with an Animal Safe Disinfectant and Neutral pH Cleaner.  They feed all the dogs well and there is plenty to do…if you’re a dog, that is.  There is lots of room to run and jump, and pant, and do those silly little things that dogs do. 

I am very pleased with my little find of this place for the fur-ball in my life.  The only down-side I have found is that I really hoped that all this play and stimulation while I was at work would wear the ‘ol Amigo out, and that he would be a calm, docile, thing once I got him home.  However, the best laid plans of mice and men, and dogs; this did not prove to be so.  In fact, I think that he got even more energy from playing with all the other dogs.  Regardless, he’s my little man and I’m glad that this swishy face demolition machine is happy as can be.

Rubber Flooring To Eco Friendly Yoga Products We Got You Covered!

Posted on: December 27th, 2012 by

Do you love the Earth? Sure you do, and seeing as though it’s still here and all; so much for the Mayan Solstice Apocalypse what have you,  I’d say we should keep the gears running and lean towards the more eco-friendly products side of the spectrum.  We have plenty of Organic and Earth-Friendly products to satisfy both you and the ye ‘ol Madre of nature herself.  We have natural rubber products, as well as PVC-free mats, all natural.  If it’s eco friendly yoga products you crave, we most certainly have them in our roster including meditations supplies as well, such as meditation benches and pillows.

It doesn’t stop there, oh no!  Our recycled rubber flooring and treadmill mat are all Mama Earth friendly as well.  Whether you’re re-flooring your garage or basement or lining the roof of an industrial building; you can sleep a little sounder at night knowing that your carbon foot-print is just that bit smaller.

So since the earth does not quake, the seas do not overflow-eth and the sun is not turning us all into marshmallows at the moment, let’s give a little back and be a bit friendly to the old lady Gaia.  To everyone, enjoy your time; enjoy each other and Happy Holidays!

“Interlocking Carpet Tile Flooring, Perhaps?” The Mat Salesman, PART I

Posted on: October 30th, 2012 by

Once upon a morning dreary, after stumbled, late and weary,

Upon many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten quotes,

While I nodded, nearly sleeping, suddenly there came a ringing

As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my telephone.

“Thank you for calling,” I muttered, “How may I help you”

Only this I’ve said before…

Ah, distinctly I remember, this customers wish me dismembered

As each separate dying ember, wrought their ill forgotten quote.

“I called twice, good sir, last morrow – and I must insist you follow…

follow up on promised rubber flooring quotes!”

“I need rubber mats for my brood! They play rough, I must conclude,

that as such they’re safety surely would be skewed.”

Deep into the darkness peering, of my screen with products gleaming

Out I shot my first suggestion, “Interlocking carpet tile flooring perhaps?  It makes the ideal play room floor.”

I questioned others

“Folding mats, Gym mats, or Wrestling mats for the young in violence nestling?”

Bored and uninterested

Quoth the customer “Nevermore…”

Flabbergasted there I pondered, through the phone her children wandered

With their screaming deep inside the burrows of my soul.

What would appease this consumer beast

With needs ill met by merchants there before…

“Please, on hold you’ll wait

While I try and formulate some kind of discount for you more.”

PART II next week!

Exercise Flooring – What to Choose?

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by

Interlocking Rubber Floor TilesMany people don’t know exactly what flooring to put down in their exercise rooms. That’s because of the large selection and different materials that are available today.  When doing cardio exercises our EVA foam tiles are very popular.  They protect you joints as well as your floor.  Mainly used without heavy equipment on them.  They come in different thicknesses from 1/2″ to 1″ depending on the exercises and stature of the person.

When it comes to a room that is being used to put in equipment and have more of a gym feel the Tuff-n-Easy interlocking rubber floor tiles are my favorite.  They are composed of  rubber made from recycled tires that would otherwise be headed to the dump. They are also made here in the USA.  They are extremely durable and when connected look like seamless rubber flooring.

Than we have our newer tiles that are made for a combination of cardio and it’s okay to have equipment set on them.  Our soft rubber flooring has a denser foam with a layer of recycled rubber on top. These tiles are taking becoming one of the most popular picks.  This is because they have help keep the stress away from the impact of cardio and can withstand the weight of most any exercise equipment.

If you’re still not totally sure what is best for you just call or email us.  We have a dedicated sales and customer service team that is very knowledgeable in all the exercise flooring we sell.  We can tell you what’s worked best for people in the past as we have great customers that give us feedback on how the tiles have worked for them or have friends who want the same product.

Soft Rubber Interlocking Tiles

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by

Our SoftRubber Interlocking Tiles have become very popular since their release not very long ago.

For fitness areas where people are doing aerobics and other exercises but also want to have their fitness equipment in the same area these Soft Rubber Interlocking Tiles . They have a nice softer layer of foam that is protected on top with a thinner layer of rubber to stiffen up the tile.  So customers for home and larger commercial gyms can finally have a tile that gives both the anti fatigue properties to have a cushioned surface and not have their equipment sink into the tile.

For tradeshow events where people are tired of renting carpet or other types of trade show flooring for every show, soft rubber flooring is a great alternative.  Purchasing your own flooring will provide a cost savings, comfort and a unique appealing flooring surface.  For many tradeshow areas these softer interlocking tiles, which are a type of anti fatigue flooring, provide thousands of people with a nice cushioned surface to walk on, they are easy to install and look great.  Best of all, these anti fatigue properties don’t mean you have flooring that is too soft, the top rubber surface is stiff and can withstand heavier equipment if needed.

There are many other applications where these interlocking rubber flooring tiles are a great fit and we have gotten tons of positive feedback on how well they hold up, the ease of installation and improved look of the area.  As a sales representative at, our SoftRubber Tiles are one of my favorite products to sell because it really does fit a niche that was missing in the industry for so many years.

Rubber Flooring Isn’t Just For Gyms Anymore…

Posted on: June 9th, 2012 by
For many of us here at, a VERY typical phone call from a customer starts with “I’m looking for a mat.. but I’m unsure what kind.”  Thus the glorious process of deductive reasoning begins.  Because we offer such a wide range of products, it is important to always think of the application.  This may seem obvious at first but what is not so obvious, is that many of our customers have found some pretty unorthodox or creative uses for our mats.
One of my favorite non-traditional uses of our mats was from 48 Windows Music and Mix, a sound recording and post production studio in Santa Monica, California.  This company called us looking for a solution to a problem.  They had a very noisy hallway that would bleed sound from people walking into some of their rooms when doing voice-over work.  Since they kept having issues with their busy staff not being able to walk through the hallway during normal business hours to avoid any unhappy clients, it was clear they needed something that was rollable, not terribly unsightly, and above all, QUIET.  After talking for a couple of days back and forth about our many carpeted mats, I made a simple suggestion to consider using a different material altogether.  I have, and continue to work as a second job, as a sound tech (among other things) and most sound techs and acoustics nerds know how powerful rubber can be as a subfloor to absorb and control noise.  Thus, the bright idea came about to have a 1/4″ to 3/8″ rollable piece of rubber flooring for the hallway.Â
In the end, 48 Windows Music and Mix purchased several of our 3/8″ rolled rubber flooring rolls, which is most often used as exercise flooring or gym flooring.  They were able to put these rubber flooring rolls in the hall when needed and roll them up and store them when they were not needed.  The problem was solved by using what is generally used as gym flooring as rubber runner mats in the hall – it looked fine and the noise was eliminated.  Another happy customer.

Michael Vick’s Former Home has been converted to a dog haven… What???

Posted on: September 10th, 2011 by

That’s right, a Pennsylvania animal rights group bought Michael Vick’s house and transformed it into a rehabilitation center for dogs.

The newly opened Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs in rural Surry County is currently the home for nine dogs, and five more expected in the weeks ahead, said Thayne, founder and chief executive officer of Dogs Deserve Better Inc., which runs the center.

What does any of this have to do with mats?  Dogs Deserve Better received a $10,000 grant to make the house more dog-friendly. They installed rubber flooring, added a dog door, bought tarps and fencing for yard areas so some dogs could stay outside during the day. All of the dogs sleep inside at night.  The carpeting has been removed from the living room and master bedroom floors and replaced with sealed rubber flooring, frequently used in veterinarian offices and as doggy daycare flooring.

This used to be the home of Michael Vick’s dog-fighting operation called Bad Newz Kennels. Vick was at the peak of his career with the Atlanta Falcons when he pleaded guilty to federal felony conspiracy charges related to the dog-fighting ring in August of 2007.  He served almost two years in federal prison, followed by two months of in-home confinement, before he began rebuilding his football career as a Philadelphia Eagle.  Michael Vick is now the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and is supposed to be one of the top performing quarterbacks in the NFL this year.

Camouflage Rubber Flooring

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by

trade show flooringNow you might think me a goofball for saying this, but I sort of wish I had a place to put down some camouflage trade show flooring, in my home or office space, like what’s picture here.  Seriously!  There is a reason why I say this, so give me a chance!  I have a bad back, and standing or walking on hard floors doesn’t help.  So I do wear expensive shoes to help, but having a more yielding floor would be helpful, too.

Maybe you know someone who could benefit from some of these tiles put down just in their immediate workspace to help reduce fatigue, particularly if they’re on their feet all day.  And if they—or you—are on their/your feet all day, you might want to look into using some anti-fatigue mats, which are specifically designed to reduce stress on body joints…like…bad backs!