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Carpet Foam Tiles And Rolled Rubber Are Perfect For Your Man Cave!

Posted on: August 29th, 2013 by

Interlocking Foam Tiles Ideal For Garage!We have all heard of the ever-present or perhaps for some the ever-elusive “Man-Cave”. That solitary den that us “Y” chromosomes of the species seem to strive towards. Many choose the garage or basement for this most sacred of masculine areas. However with that comes the question on what to do with that concrete floor. You average male may not care at first, but there will come a day when they will want, na – need something better.

So for that, I would recommend what I did for my little home away from (and inside of) home, Rolled Rubber and Foam Tiles. It’s very simple actually. Just lay the rubber rolls down and your little work/hobby area is ready to go. Then you can use the foam tiles for your workout or recreation area. Seeing as though the foam tiles come in so many different options and colors, from foam to carpet foam tiles you can dare I say “really tie the room together”.

Whatever your little beating heart desires for the most holy of holies, it can be yours as it was for mine as well. A durable area for messing with tools and hobbies and attempting to not lose any fingers in the process or having some quite; not-so-quite video game time in the basement. Whether tiled foam or rubber rolls, the tools are out there and I highly suggest getting started before the summer is over.

Rubber Flooring Is Useful In Ways You Would Never Think Of!

Posted on: July 15th, 2013 by

Rubber Flooring Is Great For Your Home Gym Or Garage!In the news this week: “A group of American tourists have been rescued from a drifting Icelandic iceberg that broke off from land as they were trying to picnic upon it, complete with folding chairs and table. The five imperiled picnickers are safe, plucked by a small rescue boat from the ice slab floating atop deathly frigid waters of the Fjallsárlón glacial lagoon in Iceland, five-and-a-half hours east of Reykhavik.” The naïve little adventurers practically froze to death on this giant block of ice all to have a little scenic picnic.

One thing that would have helped them in this little escapade would have been some rubber matsRubber pads would have been a good insulator from the wild icy tundra that they all ended floating away on. They all made it back just fine, no need to worry there. But perhaps in the future they will all think ahead a bit and find a rubber mat of some kind to lay down between them and the freezing ice. Let this be a lesson to us all; if you are going to have a nice picnic on a floating landmass of ice, you may want to plan ahead slightly and pack some rolled rubber or rubber tiles instead of your favorite picnic blanket. I am sure that you be thankful you did.

Rolled Rubber Flooring Makes It A Safe Walk To The Ice. Then…You’re On Your Own!

Posted on: July 3rd, 2013 by

Rubber Flooring Felt Safer Than The Ice!It was a very hot weekend here in Southern California and in jest my friends and I took a little trip to the Ice Rink to cool down a bit.  Now, I have not been on a pair of ice skates in at least 10 plus years; thus making this a very “interesting” trip to say the least.  Although I was not the only one, we were certainly one of the least coordinated bunch in the building that day.  With that said it was certainly a good thing that the ice rink had some rolled rubber flooring laid out.  I am even worse with walking in skates than I am on the ice with them.

The rubber flooring not only kept me from completely and utterly annihilating the rented skates (keeping them from being purchased skates; by me) but also helped to absorb the multiple impacts that I and my fellow uncoordinated friends took, simply on our way into the ice. Now if only they would have had some kind of rubber inlays for the ice rink it self then perhaps I would not have this beautiful shiner on my knee and shoulder. But with venture and adventure per say comes risks and the inevitable battle wounds.

In conclusion, the pain was better than the heat by far. A big thank you to the rolled rubber and as for you mister ice…we will meet again.

Soft Flooring Would Sure Be Nice!

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by

I am afraid of my wife. If you knew her, you would be too. Don’t get me wrong, I love her with every fiber of my being but she scares the bejeezus out of me. I pity the zombie who wanders into our house in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.   Other men claim to have a wife who is a “knock out”. Mine quite literally, did knock me out when we first met.

In college, I was doing a play in which I had numerous prosthetic appliances attached to my face. I was in the laborious process of taking them off, when I caught a glimpse of a cute friend of mine in the reflection of the mirror. Excited, I bounded up, whirled around and leaped to her, grabbing her hand and kissing up her arm. . . It wasn’t my friend. It was my wife to be, however, at the time we had not met. In a painful flash of elbows and heels I streaked to earth. I woke up just as my face was hitting the linoleum.

Although the story has a happy ending (23 years of marriage) at the time I was thinking, as various parts of my face were rudely displaced by an ever so solid floor, “Gosh, a soft flooring would sure be nice,”

That’s where comes in, I could list hundreds of floor types that would all have been softer to face plant onto. Whether it’s bounce back tiles, a softwood flooring product or just some good old rolled rubber. Matsmatsmats has everything to make a hard landing into a soft landing. Speaking of soft landings, they also have martial arts throw mats for the next time your wife throws you over the couch to get the remote.

Jammin With Rolled Rubber Flooring

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by

rolled rubber flooring can enhance your rehearsal spaceGreeting mat enthusiasts! It’s been a long and eventful week here at and I’m a little excited at some of the traffic we’ve been getting.  My customer from Percussion Design is hard at work on a prototype practice drum (see previous post relating to this) and we’re really curious to see how our product stacks up. 

On a semi-related note, a customer and fellow twiddly-fiddler (this is an industry term for musician) from Kilauea happened upon our rolled rubber to lay over his concrete floor in a jam/rehearsal space.  I can’t stress enough how great this is for this application!  Concrete is not only uncomfortable to stand on for hours at a time, but it also helps low end frequencies travel and high frequencies bounce inside the room.  This results in a boomy, louder-than wanted sound which leads to faster induced ear fatigue.  Aside form this, one of the great overlooked benefits of our rolled rubber flooring is that rubber is way easier on the legs of drum kits, amplifiers, and any priced instruments that might be accidentally dropped by clumsy band mates.  To take it a step further, I’m reminded that if rubber isn’t your first aesthetic choice, this is a great product to use as sub-floor which will help to greatly deaden the volume of the rehearsal space. This ought to keep very loving, caring girlfriends/wives happy when they’re trying to not listen to your next number one hit.

Rolled Rubber In New Drum?

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by
During the last few years of working at, I have had the good fortune of talking to more than a few interesting customers.  I was contacted by Keith  Pickens of Percussion Design LLC this week to talk about our  rolled rubber (which has many uses, most notably as gym flooring).  Their company is designing a new type of electronic drum that circumvents triggers and instead uses the natural acoustic resonance of the shell and a rubber head to create a natural sound that also triggers an electrical signal into an amplifier or sound module.  In other words, where traditional electric drums essentially work like a play button that when struck triggers a drum sound via a module, this drum creates it’s own electric-acoustic signal that can be directly plugged into an amplifier.
Since they are working on prototypes, they were looking at our 1/8″ thick recycled rubber product (or possibly one of our anti fatigue mats)  to use as part of the head of the drum which is the part that the drum strikes directly. This is very exciting as I’ve personally been to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show several times and have gotten to see all kinds of new, cutting edge, and sometimes very strange musical instruments. For more information on their work over at Percussion Design LLC, feel free to visit
Stay tuned next week for a follow up on the prototype.

Rolled Rubber Everywhere

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by

As a sales representative for a mat company, I have had many inquires into our Rolled Rubber product and it’s many uses.  It is one of my favorite products to sell as it is tough as nails and has many applications.  I originally sold it as rubber gym flooring for large commercial gyms to residential home use.  Since then I have found many uses for the product and a lot of times it is the customer who lets me know why it works well for them.

One of my favorites and largest growing uses is for doggy day care and agility facilities.  In the past there wasn’t a good material for doggy daycare flooring.  Since then the word has spread that this is the product to use.  It can be lose laid for people who are just leasing a spot or glued down for permanent applications.  For agility the thicker material is usually used and for day care type facilities a thinner version may be used with a sealer application for easy clean-up.

I am now starting to sell to; golf courses for their bridges, ramps for better traction, ski lodges for their work stations, and patios to protect them from weather/especially snow. The list goes on and on and is still growing.

And to know that this is made from recycled car tires is the icing on the cake. Just think about all the tires you have gone through in your lifetime and that we have found such great uses for them.  Rather then taking them to a junkyard and wasting space. The material is used for other products as well, like playground tiles and much, much more. Too much to list at the moment. What a fantastic product.

Custom Treadmill Mat and Exercise Equipment Mat

Posted on: June 1st, 2012 by

Treadmill mats and other types of exercise equipment mats are an important part of a gym or home gym design.  The most common materials used for these mats is vinyl and rubber.  There are a few options in stock mat sizes and very few options in regard to mats color (usually just solid black).  Some people want something a different size and/or a different color and it’s not that easy to find. 

Here is feedback received from one customer who purchased a rubber equipment mat for two of his exercise machines: 

“I recently purchased some Rolled Rubber material from your company to use underneath my exercise equipment. I had moved the equipment to a room in my house that had hardwood flooring and needed to get protection under the equipment in a hurry.  I required specific sizes and wanted something I could cut down to the exact size I wanted.
Speaking to one of your representatives they pointed me in the direction of a 25′ roll of this solid rubber material. He checked to make sure it was in stock and got it out to me right away. Knowing I was putting it on hardwood he told me that the material that had the brown fleck in it would have a nice color match.
Well, it was spot on. Not only do I have the protection I need it has also made the room look real nice. Durable, easy to cut and just lay it down. The next week my friends next door did the same exact thing, they were pretty impressed. I sent you this picture so you can see how it turned out.  I just wanted to say thanks for the full service that you don’t seem to get from internet companies anymore. “
Thanks for the feedback Mike.