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Rolled Rubber In New Drum?

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by
During the last few years of working at, I have had the good fortune of talking to more than a few interesting customers.  I was contacted by Keith  Pickens of Percussion Design LLC this week to talk about our  rolled rubber (which has many uses, most notably as gym flooring).  Their company is designing a new type of electronic drum that circumvents triggers and instead uses the natural acoustic resonance of the shell and a rubber head to create a natural sound that also triggers an electrical signal into an amplifier or sound module.  In other words, where traditional electric drums essentially work like a play button that when struck triggers a drum sound via a module, this drum creates it’s own electric-acoustic signal that can be directly plugged into an amplifier.
Since they are working on prototypes, they were looking at our 1/8″ thick recycled rubber product (or possibly one of our anti fatigue mats)  to use as part of the head of the drum which is the part that the drum strikes directly. This is very exciting as I’ve personally been to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show several times and have gotten to see all kinds of new, cutting edge, and sometimes very strange musical instruments. For more information on their work over at Percussion Design LLC, feel free to visit
Stay tuned next week for a follow up on the prototype.

Door Mats

Posted on: June 29th, 2010 by

door matsYou might not think there’s much to door mats.  Most people probably think of a front door or welcome mat as being a flat, boring, rectangular piece of rubber, or a fuzzy, scruffy section of material that is unattractive and there only to wipe off their feet, and to be (generally) ignored the rest of the time.  Don’t you, now, when you stop to think about it, think that most people probably don’t even wash or clean their own front door mats?

Maybe it’s just me, but until I started learning about these fantastic mats available today, I always thought ornate or decorative door mats was kind of a silly investment, and that most of them were much too expensive.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Recycled rubber door mats, for instance, are not only tough, durable, and practical; they’re also good looking, spacious, provide non-slip qualities, and help protect expensive flooring indoors by providing an excellent surface for wiping feet on porches and in breezeways.

Beautiful Door Mats

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by

decorative door matsJust last night, while visiting the home of an acquaintance of a guy I was with, I noticed they had one of these beautiful door mats. In fact, the image here is the very mat they had on their doorstep! I was standing there with my buddy, and when I looked down, I said, “Hey! I write about these and other kinds of mats!” I was able to look more closely at the mat and was quite impressed how something of such simple beauty (I know; they’re not museum quality, but they do almost look to be too attractive for the front porch!).

If you’ve always gotten by with the old, black, welcome mats, which I think must “come” with every home built in the U.S, why not buy something that is not only durable and functional, but also decorative as well? Decorative door mats made of recycled rubber can’t be beat for looks and durability.

Rib Pattern Door Mats

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

entrance matsMost of today’s outdoor entrance mats are made from 100% durable, recycled rubber, and have either a carpet top surface—or something similar—that is designed to catch grime and dust. If you’re not looking for a decorative door mat, but something more conservative, the rib pattern door mat [pictured] is always an excellent choice, with a durable vinyl backing, and are more economically priced if your budget can’t handle something “higher end” and yet you need to “cover your tracks” in regards to providing mats for people to wipe their feet on.

And then, once your budget increases, you might want to consider something such as the ever popular CleanScrapeTM outdoor entrance mats, which are much heavier duty, UV resistant, meaning they won’t fade in sunlight, and the most aggressive entrance mats on the market, made with an eco-friendly, recycled rubber base.

Eco-Friendly Door Mats

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

recycled rubber doormatsWhile we’re talking about the increasing popularity of eco-friendly products of every kind—not just mats—those who are unaware will be pleased to know about the abundance of gorgeous, 100% recycled rubber, eco-friendly door mats, like the one pictured here!

Fortunately for most societies around the world, the idea that something recycled is poorly made is no longer a commonly held belief. On the contrary, most customers not only hope for high quality in recycled and organically made products, they expect it! With this in mind, it’s better for the consumer that there are eco products like beautiful and durable recycled rubber door mats [welcome mats] that are not only exceptionally long-lasting, but are also very eye catching!

Low-Cost Door Mats

Posted on: May 19th, 2010 by

door matsIf you’re looking for low-cost door mats in bulk, you can buy simplicity door mats by the case—12 per box—in a variety of colors. Perhaps you’ve got a large complex with many doors and you would like some uniformity but without too great of cost; that’s when buying in bulk is the best way to go. Fortunately, these mats can also be purchased individually as well.

Or, if you’ve got the budget for it, you might consider something more “homey” and opt for decorative door mats like those you might place on your own front doorstep—and you just might! There’s quite an admirable array of 100% recycled rubber door mats to choose from, and knowing they’re not only eco-friendly, but extremely durable, easily cleaned, resistant to sun fading and wear…why not go ahead and include a couple for your home?

Door Mats

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by

front door mats and entryway matsFront door mats…welcome mats…entryway mats…they probably aren’t what folks from the older generations remember anymore. Those of you who are over 40, for instance, when you think of door mats—unless you’ve purchased a lovely door mat in recent years—probably picture the unattractive, black, thin, virtually useless “Welcome” mats that have been around practically since civilization began…AND STILL ARE!

But like so many things that have evolved with technology, door mats have been transformed into things of beauty…into home decorations that can be proudly displayed, and from which you’re likely to receive many compliments on! Many of today’s door mats are made of highly durable, 100% recycled rubber, and are “eco-friendly” meaning they won’t harm the environment once they do eventually wear out and are thrown away.

Nowadays, door mats have even inspired mats to be used for other practical purposes other than wiping one’s feet before entering someone’s home, such as a kneeling pad, which is great when you have to kneel on hard ground and don’t want to bruise your knees. Yes, it’s true…gone are the days of those boring, plain, black Welcome mats!