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Bouldering Mats Or Stunt Mats Required!

Posted on: December 20th, 2012 by

Stunt Mats Will Cushion Your Fall!I love rock climbing!  There are few things more exciting, intimidating, rewarding and down-right frightening than climbing a giant rock! Now imagine my surprise and supreme enthusiasm when I looked through our stunt mats and throw mats and found that these are absolutely perfect for bouldering mats.  Now if you are not aware, or are just starting out; bouldering is a version of free-climbing.  Free climbing is where you are not supported by a harness or top-rope.  This is because most bouldering is only 10-15 feet up on average.  So since you do not have the safety of a rope, you definitely need the comfort and safety of a suitable mat to break your fall, and yes…you will fall. 

Our stunt mats are made exactly for situations like this, and with the 2 handles on each of the 4 sides of all our crash mats it makes it perfect to center it in place right where you need it.  Also with 4”, 8”, and 24” thicknesses that we have them in, it makes for great practice mats for most low height bouldering climbs.  So if you’re looking for a great, versatile, quality stunt mat; whether you’re climbing rocks or falling off them, I would definitely recommend you take a look and get back out there to solving your problems on those pesky walls.  Till next time everyone, take care and Happy Holidays!