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Interlocking Foam Tiles For Kids – Fun and Safe!

Posted on: October 2nd, 2012 by

As much as I envy this generation and all the cool toys they get to grow up with, I feel as if they don’t get to use their imaginations as much as I got to.  When I was growing up my Dad, along with the neighbor dad and his son, used to take us to department stores and get empty fridge or washer/dryer boxes. We would take them home and make the most awesome forts!  We could literally spend the whole summer playing in our back yards, in BOXES!

I kind of miss being able to use my imagination like that! I got very nostalgic for simpler times when I was talking to a customer this week who wanted to get some trade show flooring (interlocking foam tiles) for her kids playroom.  That’s very common and I provide people with these types of tiles all the time so their kids can have a colorful, safe, and soft area to play on.  I remember one customer of mine who had a different use!  She said she wants to have a floor her kids can play on or build stuff with, like tunnels.  Right away, my inner child came out and I started thinking how fun it would have been to have tiles like this when I was younger.  I can already imagine the different types of forts I can make.

I actually have some smaller versions of the trade show flooring or kids playroom floor tiles on my desk and arranged them in few different ways that could be fun.  (as seen in pictures) The cool part about having these tiles aInterlocking tiles used for trade show flooring, playroom flooring, or making fun shapes.s a kid would have been that they’re mine, and permanent.  Let me explain.. while the refrigerator boxes were cool , Mom could only stand seeing “trash” in her backyard for so long.  These interlocking tiles would have been awesome!! They look nice are easily stacked and hold up against elements a lot better than cardboard!  We also carry a number and alphabet puzzle mat with removable letters- these don’t interlock with the interlocking trade show tiles but being able to punch out the letters to create windows in my fort would rock! And if you look at the product page for the ABC mats you’ll see a couple other ideas for your tiles like hop-scotch! If you have some of these tiles, or plan on getting some send me pictures of what creative stuff you’re kids do with them!