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Welcome Mats, Spirits And Wizards!

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 by

Entry mats serve many purposesAfter the New Year’s festivities this last week, I would highly recommend to you as I have to my friends; to invest in new door mats! Needless to say, I most certainly drank far too much on New Year’s, as I’m sure many of us did. Due to my competitive nature, and my fellow New Year’s Eve-ers playing the oh-so fun game of Wizard (Definitely look that one up); I eventually found myself in a peculiar and somewhat uncomfortable situation later in the evening. Namely I found myself passed out on my friends welcome mats.

Now this front door mat was by far not the most comfortable or supportive of entry mats. Though seeing as though I was semi-conscious at the time this fact did not reveal itself to me till the early hours of the morning. Now I know what you’re thinking, these are not made for that. Indeed, home doormats are made for the effective wiping of feet and overall upkeep and cleanliness of the home; agreed. However, I love things that are multi-purposed and if only my dear friends would have found some time to update their door mat to a more “accommodating” mat perhaps I would have woken slightly more refreshed and rejuvenated…still confused of course, but rested perhaps.

Needless to say the Wizard (yours truly) will be updating my own outdoor doormats at home in preparation for another such evening. Fore anything can be a resting place for a wary Wizard and every mat needs a home. So the time for updating those mats is at hands everyone. Trust me your neighborhood wizards will certainly thank you.

Door Mats Are Just The Ticket!

Posted on: December 5th, 2012 by

Home Door Mats: Indoor & Outdoor MatsWith Fall and Winter upon us everyone’s shoes will be collecting a lot of fun things on your way from your car to your door step.  This is exactly why our home door mats or our office door mats are just the ticket to keep your sanctum and home nice and tidy.  Instead of bringing in water, leaves, mud and other wary travelers on the under-side of your boot soles; simply scuff them off on one of our entry mats.  We have Outdoor Door Mats, and Indoor Door Mats for those that require that extra level of cleaning comfort for those wore-weary shoes of yours.

Whether you’re just for the function of our Clean Scrape Doormats, or need the visual appeal of our 3D Home Door Mats, and Materpiece Door Mats; we’ve always got a mat for that. Perhaps you’re the industrial type, or have an office that you need to lay down some Door Mats for the season.  I know that as I walk into the office I see the Misson Trapper Mats and Simplicity Rib Mats at our entry ways for those rainy days.  In addition, we have a large variety of eco friendly door mats.

No matter the season, purpose, function, or aesthetic our Indoor Door Mats and Outdoor Doormats are there to ensure that what is outside, won’t make its way inside. As always a fond week to your all and get ready for the Holidays!