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Ummm, Should I Meditate?

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by

You, A Meditation Cushion And A Tranquil Environment!As you have probably figured out about me, I’m a jack of all trades- master of none.  I’m a very curious person, and enjoy sampling different parts of life.  Working for, I get to talk to so many diverse people that every once and a while I feel like “hey.. you’re interesting.  We need to be friends”.  Usually because I’m talking to somebody that is passionate about something.Â

Lately I’ve been curious about meditation, but how do you learn to meditate by yourself?  What meditation supplies to I need to get started? I’m guessing that these are pretty common question amongst people just starting or wanting to start.  From what I’ve heard from a few customers, for the best meditation experience you simply need a meditation cushion (zafu or zabuton) to make yourself comfy and imagine yourself in a very tranquil place- for example, the beach, the mountains, or a forest.  I’m so easily distracted I would actually need to go to the beach or mountains.  If you’re like me I heard other more “physically-oriented” techniques are more helpful.  You can do things like following your breath, or you can focus on different body sensations.  These sensations will tend to move, and following them is one form of meditation!  The hardest part for me will be to clear my head, but I heard using a mantra is very helful.  Something simple like “Om” or a hum can work.  This is supposed to stop all the random thoughts.  I guess it just takes some practice.  First I need to just get started.  Make it a habit.Â

One of my customers told me I shouldn’t ask so many questions, just do it.  She said questions about best time of day or technique are really disguised ways to look for an EXCUSE not to meditate.  She did say not to meditate right after I eat.  “If you meditate right after you eat, you’ll usually fall asleep.”

Yoga Blankets and Rugs

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

yoga mats and blanketsOften used in conjunction with yoga sticky mats are yoga blankets, such as the Ashtanga rug [pictured here], made of 100% cotton fiber, made in India, sometimes referred to as Mysore rugs. Yoga can be very strenuous and practitioners are bound to perspire, raising the chances of slippery surfaces, resulting in potential injuries or at least disrupted exercises.

Yoga blankets and rugs are tightly woven and their non-slip qualities are activated upon getting wet. These are great when you don’t have a yoga towel, to manage perspiration. Yoga towels are sometimes used in lieu of yoga bolsters, rolled up, for different postures. Be sure to pick up several yoga blankets to keep on hand, as well as a few yoga towels, meditation cushions, and other yoga meditation supplies.

Yoga Mats

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

yoga mats and meditation suppliesAlong with your needs for yoga mats and other yoga meditation supplies, consider having your own Shiatsu Thai massage mat [pictured]. This traditional mat is manufactured of 100% unbleached, untreated, natural cotton stuffed with approximately 20 pounds of equally pure cotton batting, arriving at a total, approximate mat weight of 25 pounds. These mats are 54” x 80” x 2.5” of hand-tufted cotton, perfect for practitioner and patient stretching. Very portable.

And while you strive for oneness of self, shouldn’t your compilation of yoga supplies be one as well? That’s why you’ll want to make sure you are well supplied with yoga meditation cushions, bolsters, blocks and even an authentic, bamboo meditation bench, which will last a lifetime. Don’t approach your yoga commitment halfheartedly. Begin with all you’ll need close at hand and then strive to elevate yourself to your commitment.