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Yoga Mats

Posted on: June 29th, 2010 by

yoga mats and suppliesFinding—and purchasing—yoga mats and other yoga props doesn’t have to be a hassle or big mystery, even for the beginner.  You can find everything you need to get off to a good start in an enjoyable way of life, which includes yoga, right here.  You can start off with a basic, beginner’s yoga exercise mat, and then eventually advance to incorporating yoga bolsters, yoga paws, and other accessories.

As yoga becomes a part of your everyday living, you might want to look into utilizing some meditation to help establish a more peaceful state of mind and disposition.  In that case, you would probably enjoy some nice, silk, meditation cushions to sit on while calming your self with meditative practices.  And if you’re at all of the mind towards being “green,” you’ll be glad to know most of these mats are Latex-free, and many of them are also eco-friendly as well, if you’d like to continue to do your part to help the earth’s ecology.

Meditation Cushions and Supplies

Posted on: June 15th, 2010 by

yoga meditation suppliesYou know? Father’s Day is almost upon us, and if your dad is a healthy guy who likes to work out or generally stay in shape, why not introduce him to yoga by buying him either a yoga mat, some other yoga props like a yoga props video [DVD], and then complete the “intro package” with some choice meditations cushions or other such supplies.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Well”my dad’s not into yoga; why would I want to introduce him to yoga?” Like I said, if your dad is a healthful kind of man who can appreciate something new and challenging, why not surprise him with a truly unexpected gift, like yoga props and meditation cushions? And if you’re still thinking “no” on the meditation cushions, then why not at least get him some yoga straps, which are fantastic to assist people with their stretching exercises just before a work out?

Yoga Foam Wedge

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by

yoga meditation suppliesIt’s kind of amazing, the many different yoga props that go along with the intriguing art [or is it an exercise…or a way of life?] of yoga. Take, for instance, the yoga foam wedges; they are a great idea for aiding people in more difficult poses, or can be used to alleviate stress in joints, by adding support, or…whatever one could think of!

Quite simply, they can serve as great tools for persons engaged in various yoga exercises and poses, and the thought comes to mind, ”I wish I had something to raise my heels, or my hips….”

Sure, if you happen to have some yoga meditation cushions, those could serve the purpose, but the yoga wedges are light, firm, grip, and provide an even plane for the desired angle or height; stack a few in various configurations to achieve even greater precision or increase.

Yoga Meditation Cushions

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

meditation cushionsA great gift to a person who is building his or her collection of yoga props and other meditation supplies are gorgeous, silk, meditation cushions. These luxurious, silk zafu pillows are perfect for the dedicated person who has made meditation an integral part of his or her life. Just take a look at the array of color and fabric choices and you’ll see the fabulous appearance, but wait until you FEEL these! Each cushion is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls that soothingly fit your body.

And then, as you rest on these plush beauties, breathe deeply: you’ll notice just the slightest trace of lavender. Lavender has been shown to relieve stress and have soothing qualities to the mind and soul. Every meditation cushion featured here is decorated with and Om coin on the carrying handle and also include a hidden side zipper.

Meditation Cushions

Posted on: May 21st, 2010 by

meditation suppliesIf you ever have any inclination toward serious meditation, go ahead and invest in some nice meditation cushions to carry along in your yoga bag, and include them with your other yoga props.  Any serious practitioner of yoga knows a common couch cushion and a pillow off your bed just doesn’t inspire feelings of centeredness and harmony when seeking to clear your mind and meditate.

Now…you don’t have to feel like you MUST go and invest in some nice silk Zafu or Zabuton meditation cushions; there are exceptionally comfortable, pure, white, cotton cushions, rather than silk, if you would prefer.  Either way, you can’t go wrong…so long as you do get the meditation cushions that will best fit your needs.

Yoga Mats

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by

Yoga mats and yoga suppliesYoga mats are not the same thing as what you see kids in elementary, junior high, or high school sitting or exercising on when they warm up or do their calisthenics on, no sir…no ma’am! Those old mats your kids “get” to use are probably the same ones you used when you were in high school, and are not likely to be eco-friendly, are probably full of phthalates and PVC, which have been proven to damage the environment.

But for the serious yoga enthusiast, outfitting ones quiver of yoga and other meditation supplies, such as meditation cushions simply cannot be substituted with anything but the real thing…what are you going to use from the high school supply closet for meditation? Home plate? Isn’t it wonderful the committed yoga practitioner can find what he or she needs via online providers with large selections?