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Trade Show Flooring To Zafus We’ve Got You Covered!

Posted on: August 16th, 2013 by

Hello true believers, we are back to Blogsville after taking some time off for the Independence Day Celebrations. I realize that many of you must be burning with desire to learn what tidbit of knowledge the “ Blogging Krew” has in store for you.

By now you must have realized that each blogger has their own special style of imparting valuable information to you.

When Chris speaks of anti fatigue safety mats or home flooring, he always waxes poetical as he pulls deeply from his own life’s journey. Sentimentality and pathos, at times, run rampant as he waxes poetically from entrance mats to trade show flooring. One can almost imagine him in a dingy little loft, laboring over his latest treatise, “Somehow I must REACH THEM!”

Ben, on the other hand, often slings cold hard facts about like a fry cook with 10 orders on his docket. He does this with a surgeons skill whether talking about Yoga Mats or rolled rubber flooring. “I found myself pondering in very deep ways the nature of the universe”. Yes, my friends, our Gentle Ben is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by a mystery which has all been stuffed inside a philosophical musician who blogs about floor coverings.

Stag is much like a cartoon character.  “STAG SMASH!” As an example of this unrelenting verbal violence, I render forth these typical “Stagisms”.  “I started hacking and chipping, and banging away on this little project of mine.”, “. . . we all know cats are very finicky and picky. . .” completely and utterly annihilating the rented skates”.  THERE! Have you ever HEARD of such unfettered rage? His takes on martial arts flooring and all things excersizish are legend.

I, of course, am your sweet voice of reason; I present useful and pithy dibs and dabs of knowledge reaching from Anti-fatigue mats to Zafus. I illuminate and elucidate with a certain je ne sais quoi. We all have our market of fans and followers as each of our voices are unique and highly defined. Except for Stag, he’s just scary.

Lightweight Wrestling Mats To Bounceback Playground Tiles Your Flooring Options Are Endless!

Posted on: July 9th, 2013 by

Wrestling Mats Made To Order!In the beginning, flooring options were limited. There was dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. Maybe some rocks. If you were snooty, you had cave wall to wall grass. As we evolved, we started using wood with the dirt and rocks. If you were lucky you had some animal skins, sometimes still attached to the animal, and maybe some leaves that, hopefully, wouldn’t give you a rash. The next evolution of floor coverings was the woven rug, area rug, throw rug and herbal rug. Rugs were universally despised. This, therefore, is the origin of the term “cutting the rug”. NOBODY likes a rug, ask Trump.

We have grown past all of these inferior flooring products. There are now flooring materials that have been fine-tuned for very specific activities. Are you writhing in a pile of bodies on the floor? You may need one of our new, remnant or lightweight wrestling mats.  Are people getting tossed about like so much detritus in the wind? Some of our martial arts flooring options would work better, like the seamless floor option, interlocking floor mats, deluxe bi-layer martial arts mat or even one of these options with the addition of a throw mat for repeated impromptu flying lessons.

For the outdoor aeronautically inclined, we have the durable and popular bounceback playground tiles. These bad boys can cushion falls from up to 8’ in height, just the thing for highflying swingers without a self-preservation bone in their body. These will keep what bones they have, intact and ready to soar again.

When your website is named, you can bet we have a vast landscape of specialty mats and other floor coverings. From display floors to greetings at doors, from weight rooms to runners for grooms, from horse stalls to giant exercise balls, from mats that can heat to mats that provide aid to fatigued feet. If it fits on a floor, in front of a door, whether it’s one mat or more, come gather our lore, for we are MATSMATSMATS.COM!

Martial Arts Mats – “Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting”

Posted on: December 13th, 2012 by

We’ve got Martial Arts Mats so well priced that you’ll feel as though you’ve been hit by the ‘Thousand Crack Fist of the North Star’ (obscure anime reference).  You will thank us for this; fore as the holidays come closer and closer, you may indeed need to employ some vital hand-to-hand techniques while braving your local shopping centers.  So you might as well get an early or not so early start on your training.Â

From our Deluxe Martial Arts Mats to the ever-so popular Jumbo Martial Arts Flooring Tiles, you need not worry about your sparing area, and remain free to look out for those left kicks and ‘Kamaha-Mehas’.  But for the more adventurous and serious in the group; perhaps owners of local Martial Arts Studios; you may want to consider the Seamless Flooring we offer.  If vinyl were a Martial Artist, this Seamless Floor would be a Shaolin Monk!  It is the perfect floor for sparing and the best addition to any Martial Arts studio. Â

No need for patience dear grasshoppers.  Simple email us or give us a call and let’s pad that dojo and studio today with our many martial arts products!

Carpet Logo Mats Or Martial Arts Mats We’ve Got You Covered

Posted on: August 22nd, 2012 by

Interlocking Foam Mats create the ideal martial arts flooringI know I just wrote a blog article about seeing our products or similar, but just yesterday I had two experiences that I thought I’d tell you about.

The first happened at a bakery in Studio City, CA. While I was ordering my ice cream, I looked down and realized I was standing on a carpet logo mat. Of course the first thing I did was flip over the mat corners to see if our name is anywhere, once I determined it wasn’t ours (thankfully, because it was torn up!) I told the lady behind the counter that if they need a new mat, I can get them one of much better quality, for much less than I’m sure they paid.  I didn’t expect her to get the manager!!  When he came out I let him know that I work for a company that manufactures logo mats, and I noticed that his may need to be replaced soon.  He tried to tell me that their mat looked like that because it was thrown in a washing machine and those types of mats can only be dry cleaned, “as I’m sure you’re aware “.  I couldn’t wait to tell him that our carpet logo mats can absolutely be thrown in a washing machine and our colors would not fade nearly as bad as his. I’m not sure if he’ll call me but as we were pulling out of the parking lot I saw the cashier rolling up the mat. 

The other incident happened literally 15 minutes later while I was walking by a Martial Arts studio. My friends and I were walking in an alley and I saw a few boxes of what looked like our red/blue jumbo interlocking foam mats, so again I stopped to look. This time I wasn’t planning on saying anything but I was busted by the owner while looking at the tiles…woops!  At first he was a little angry as I’m sure he thought I was trying to steal from him, but then I explained that I work for a company that sells martial arts flooring and was just curious.  He asked me what company and “out of curiosity” what my pricing for these tiles were. Unfortunately I had to tell him that we don’t carry those tiles, ours are 4’x’4×1” and his appeared to be 40”x40”x1/2”.  He then, like the bakery guy, proceeded to try and educate me by telling me that the thicker tiles really don’t work as well.  He said they are too soft and therefore make it harder to maneuver and don’t support your knees and ankles.  He tried to make it sound like my knowledge was incorrect.  Since he obviously just purchased tiles and I wasn’t in the mood to argue with a Sensei in a dark alley, I said “ya that makes sense” and kept walking.  I’ve never used these tiles, all I know is what I hear from you guys, but I find it hard to believe that people would be expanding their floors if they didn’t work. I found this fun video of our tiles being used and it looks to me that everybody’s ankles are being supported, and able to maneuver pretty well.  You be the judge…