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Kneeling Pad – My True KneeSaver!

Posted on: March 17th, 2013 by

A Kneeling Pad Realy Makes A Difference!Over the years my true and trusty truck has certainly acquired some, shall we say “character”. By “character” I mean a fair amount of scratches, scrapes and dings. So, I have taken it upon myself, not being any kind of expert, novice or really having any idea of how to repair body damage on a vehicle other than having a credit card and knowing the location of my local auto supply store; to fix these above mentioned damages.

Now this certainly involves quite a bit of manual labor while in a crouching position. So, after the first weekend of this and making, what I would consider to be a good amount of progress, my knees were very sore and stiff. This was easily remedied with a few beers and vapor rub, but a friend of mine who actually works in the auto trade suggested his little trick of using small floor mats to help out with that. So armed with a new Kneeling Pad I started hacking and chipping, and banging away on this little project of mine.

As I am still not finished with my renovations to the ‘ol bucket of bolt, I have to say that at least my aging knees are in good standing thanks to these small anti fatigue mats that were suggested. True multi-use mat pads that will continue to be true knee savers for me personally.

I find that my knee saver kneeling pad, a small anti fatigue mat, has so many uses. Not only do they reduce knee pain and lower back stress, they are great when giving a bath to the little ones or to use to protect your knees when kneeling on any type of hard surface.  They are used so often in gardening that they are sometimes referred to gardening kneeling pads.

Kneeling Pads Would Have Been Real Knee Savers!

Posted on: October 2nd, 2012 by

Knee savers would have saved my knees!!!  It’s really dumb that I work here and have access to all these great floor mats and other products and don’t use them all.  I’ll tell you why… This last weekend was what Southern Californians referred to as Carmageddon.  Basically the freeway that connects 2 major cities, with at least 374,000 cars traveling on it every day, was closed for construction.  This forced people to find alternate routes, potentially causing major congestion.  

On Sunday I took one of the alternate routes and luckily didn’t have too much trouble with traffic, but I did get a flat!  Ordinarily I wouldn’t care because I could just sit in my car listening to music until AAA got there. Unfortunately for me I was on my way toKneeling pads are a kneecessity when changing a car tire a dinner party and had to pick somebody up on the way, so I was forced to fix it.

Here’s where I could kick myself…  I had to kneel in my pants, so I laid down a towel to protect them from getting dirty.  Smart..right?  Wrong.  I could feel the little rocks stabbing me on the ground which is enough reason to want extra protection.  What I didn’t realize is that the rocks were breaking skin and causing me to bleed just a little, right thru my khaki pants!!!  I was furious!  No time to change, and I have such easy access to the one thing I could have used, a simple little kneeling pad!  What I am so angry about is I sell kneeling pads every day! Sorry for the non-informative blog.. I just needed to vent!

Kneeling Pads are Knee Savers!

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by
Kneeling Pads are Knee SaversFor a number of years now, I’ve developed a bit of a green thumb. What I found in my childhood to be the boring pass time of my parents has grown on me in my twenties.  Now, about six years into it, I get a very high sense of non-obnoxious-self-satisfaction from cultivating my own herbs that I can use to cook delicious meals for the misses when I’m in the dog house… Or just because I love her.  My knees, however, have seen better days. As if it wasn’t enough to get the tail end of my folks genetic material (I’m the youngest of four children, freakishly taller than EVERYONE in my family, have the only set of crooked teeth, a bi-cuspid aortic valve, and most likely some mild ADHD).  My knees can be delightful little buttons of pain from hours of being on the floor cleaning out pots, water reservoirs, and tending to soil and grow mediums.
Enter: The Knee Saver Kneeling Pads! (insert dramatic victory music right………… here.)
I’m a little ashamed to admit that I have had a foam kneeling pad for about 3 freakin years and ONLY until the misses asks (over my loud grunting and complaining), “Why don’t you use that spongy kneeling mat that looks like a cutting board?” did I actually think of using it. Naturally, my response was, “Because I’m a man and as a man, I’d be doing a dishonor to my masculinity by admitting a clear oversight, dammit!”.  I didn’t really say that, but after a couple of weeks I have to state that, quite obviously, these things are just awesome.  Whenever I’m doing ANYTHING on the ground this thing comes in handy… whether it be as a little car maintenance, gardening, or various house chores that require quite a bit of time on the knees, these inexpensive little guys are life-savers or should I say, Knee Savers! Haiyo!