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Kneeling Pads

Posted on: June 22nd, 2010 by

anti-fatigue matsI’ve been working on our house the past few weeks, doing some home renovations, and I can tell you there’s been more than one occasion I could have used one of these anti-fatigue mats, such as a knee saver kneeling pad, while working on something lower to the ground! I realize some would say, “Ah, toughen up!” But I have since learned the better care you can take of your body in any situation, the longer you’ll last, and many more days to work—and be productive—you’ll see in the future, you know?

That’s what both commercial and industrial anti-fatigue mats are all about: reducing the effects of stress and strain on the human body, so as to increase productivity that would otherwise be lost to injury and fatigue, and kneeling pads are a great idea for preserving your knees. In fact, if you know someone who works a lot kneeling down, why not buy that person a kneeling pad for his or her birthday, for the holidays, or just because they’re not expensive, and are lightweight, making them hassle free for carrying along to the job.