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Soft Wood Flooring And Its Many Uses!

Posted on: April 17th, 2013 by

Interlocking Floor Mats Have Many Uses!Luckily for our customers, we do our best to navigate them through the various pros and cons of anything from 3/16″ PVC yoga mat vs the 3/16″ natural rubber yoga mat or 1-3/8″ thick crosslink vs 2″ thick. This,
however, can’t guarantee against the guiles of a stubborn customers who despite their best intentions and frugality do come into play in our daily routine.

Our SoftWood flooring is one of our most popular items and one of the ones surrounded by this exact kind of issue. A soft EVA foam with a nice laminate top emulating various wood tones like cherry, walnut, and two shades of oak are a perfect additions as kids playroom flooring, a family room in the basement, or most commonly, display booths at trade shows. This is where it gets ‘controversial’. While these tiles are very durable, a trade show has higher than normal amounts of actual foot traffic. A good portion of this foot traffic can be women’s (or men’s… we don’t discriminate) heels. While it depends on the type of heel and the person walking on it, we stress that THEY CAN but won’t necessarily leave an imprint or permanent indentation. In the worst case scenarios (happens less than 1/100 times!), a tile might even get punctured. It’s stressing these kinds of points to our customers and having an honest dialogue, as opposed to just driving a sale, that really makes a customer feel comfortable making a decision to purchase something online from a person across the country they can’t even see.

One of our recent customers, Allan from Picaboo Yearbook, just sent me this today:

“Hi there, Love the [trade show flooring] floor, it is a great compliment to our booth. I think I may have sold 2 more floors for you to other exhibitors. I gave them your company name. Thanks for your help!”

Kids Playroom Flooring

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Children's matsKids playroom flooring is perfect for new or older playrooms, serving many purposes, with some advantages you might not have considered. If you’re building a new house, or adding a playroom for your kids, and you have decided children’s play mats aren’t quite sufficient for your needs, you really should look into the benefits of kids playroom flooring.  Whether you want to cover a selected area, or an entire floor space within a room, your options are virtually limitless.

For example, if you go with a carpeted children’s playroom flooring, and are considering going with wall-to-wall carpet in your kids’ room any way, why not choose interlocking, foam tiles with a carpet top?  The foam is a natural sound barrier, as well as serving as insulation from cold.  What’s more, foam flooring will help protect your children from more serious injuries for those times when they fall down while playing.  Children’s playroom flooring is also excellent for classroom situations.