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Carpted Floor Mats Make Learning More Fun!

Posted on: December 26th, 2012 by

Kids area rugs make are an excellent play mat!There were few things that excited me as much, when I was a child, as cars and trains. Perhaps it was the details of train sets and matchbox cars, or the novelty of large machinery that I had no idea how it worked.  Moreover, how it could be scaled down for me to interact with rearrange and play with how I saw fit.  Kids area rugs would have made all the difference and I would have been learning too!

My main peeve was always that there was no universal play set carpeted floor mats of sorts, that would really engulf and put me in a zone. I was lucky enough to have a fairly large train set, however, I do remember the train set not being conducive to the epic car chases in my head (since it was all very scaled and as my dad described not a toy).

Heroic cops vs robbers or just a plain busy day of construction was pretty much always on tile or plain carpet. I know that if I had kids play mats to play on it would have been so much cooler.  That’s why one of the products I know I would’ve loved as a kid (especially as a Christmas gift) is our transportation and construction themed play carpet. The details are awesome! It is perfect when playing with toy cars, planes, trains, and even boats. Let your kids imagination run wild with a simple yet effective alternative to a full blown expensive play set.

Play carpet or carpeted floor mats are excellent for day care centers, schools or home use. The quality of the kids play rugs as well as the large selection of colors, sizes and themes to choose from make it easy to find the perfect interactive educational rugs that will no doubt make learning fun! So, look at any of our many kids play carpets and I’m sure you and your child will find a carpet that will enhance their enjoyment!

Sales Without Commission

Posted on: July 27th, 2012 by

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much fun I have working here.  I work with mats, so I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m probably exaggerating, but I’m not.  Unlike most sales jobs, we don’t work on commission and we don’t read of scripts.  In my opinion that gives you a pretty unique and “real” experience.  I think not working on commission really helps us stay honest.  I’m sure we’ve all dealt with that less than honest sales person who’s just trying to make a buck and will say whatever it takes.  Because we don’t have quotas or financial incentives I really have no reason to lie or mislead you.  The owners of the company NEVER push us to sell or pressure our customers.  Whether it’s one of our kids play mats, our trade show flooring, rubber gym flooring or any one of the thousands of mat products we offer, our products are quality and the reviews from you guys speak for themselves.  You can be sure that we will never sell you a product that won’t work or you don’t need.

The lack of scripts allows us to be ourselves, we here at all have such different personalities that you’ll know you’re talking to a real person not some robot going through the motions.  We all have our own opinions on how to do things and when you call with questions or problem, it’s really a group effort.  We bounce ideas and solutions off each other and it’s beneficial in making sure you are taken care of properly.  I think that’s what makes working here so stress free.  I know that if I don’t know how to do something or if I don’t have the answer I have co-workers that are there and willing to help me.  We are like a family and work as such.  It’s more about being united as a company and less about being the “star” employee. Being that we have so many products, it’s hard to be an expert on everything but we work as a team and each have our own areas of expertise, so if I’m not 100% sure about a product I can easily get an answer for you.

So, whether it’s your first time calling us, or you’re a repeat customer, I hope this gave you a little insight into our company and how much we actually care about you and what we do.

Educational Rugs and Educational Carpets

Posted on: January 24th, 2011 by

Educational Carpets and Rugs make learning fun in the classroom or at home.

Educational carpets and rugs for kids are a great way to make learning fun. 

Educational rugs for children are not just for teachers to use in the classroom… these learning carpets are also ideal for parents to use at home.  They are safe, easy to clean, able to withstand rugged wear and best of all there are many options.  Kids play mats can be large or small, round or rectangle and there are so many colors and themes there is sure to be one to match whatever the color scheme or room theme. 

When shopping for kids play mats make sure the play mats are non toxic and non-allergenic.  Children will sit for hours having fun, and be learning something while they’re at it!

Kids Play Mats And Rugs

Posted on: July 20th, 2010 by
Kids Play MatsPlay mats are a wonderful gift for any child. An activity play mat will provide hours of fun and can be educational at the same time! They are better than a baby sitter.Â

Each playmat features a colorful scene permanently printed on a quality carpet surface to withstand rough play and has an anti-skid backing. There are a variety of sizes and a range of themes from airports, to construction zones to city streets to play on.  These carpeted mats will capture your child’s imagination.

Ideal for day care centers, schools or the home. Easy to clean, simply shake or use a vacuum. Kids play mats and rugs can add decor to your children’s room and can easily be rolled up for storage when not in use.