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Trade Show Flooring, Happy Hunting, and Happy Holidays!

Posted on: November 21st, 2012 by

Interlocking mats ideal for expo flooring & trade show flooring!I am a geek; yes I said it and certainly whole-heartedly admit it with great pride and gusto!  Since I was just a wee one I have been going to Trade Shows of all kinds.  I used to frequent the Los Angeles Auto Show every year with my father.  From my teenage years and even into my 20’s I attended the Anime Expos in Los Angeles with my friends as well.  Every one of these conventions would have its Trade Show floors, filled with products, samples and the variable eye-candy abound.  If you have ever been to, or participated in a Trade Show of any kind you will know that they magically transform an industrial floor space into an appealing show floor for each company’s products. 

But how do they transform a barren, open concrete floor into something visual appealing and yet highly functional?  They do so with our various versions of Trade Show Flooring.    From our Interlocking foam mats with texture tops, to our carpet top interlocking floor tiles, or even the marvelous wood film laminate top interlocking foam floor.  You can find these flooring tile at almost every trade show you visit. Whether you’re checking out the newest or oldest in vehicular madness, or the cosplay shenanigans of the Anime floor; you’ll find yourself standing on our Trades Show Flooring.  Also as a side note, if you’re not familiar with cosplay, look it up; just grown adults dressed like comic and anime characters.  It’s great for chuckle or two!

So the next time your favorite convention, take a peek downwards and notice not just the products on the floor, but the floor itself.  You’ll be amazed by the variety and amount you’ll find of our Trade Show Flooring.  Happy Hunting, and Happy Holidays!