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Indoor Entrance Mats To The Rescue!

Posted on: January 8th, 2013 by

Entrance mats can be custom made as carpet runnersI love being a host.  There’s so much more to a party than a group of people and food. To me the point of a party is to get away from the daily norm and relax. Whenever I host a get together I try to transform my house as much as possible. Decorations are an important part.  There is just something about decorations that makes everyone want to celebrate. Decorations makes a party, well, seem more like a party. 

Aside from decorations I make other slight alterations to my house, from rearranging furniture to taking down things that can be broken.  In the bathroom I put hand sanitizers, gum, lotion and anything else a good bathroom attendant might provide. It’s also pretty common for there to be Dry erase markers next to every mirror in the house so you can leave messages or draw pictures, silly string so you can just be silly. Basically I like to give my guests the feeling that they can let loose and not worry about messes. Silly string can be cleaned up, dry erase markers wipe up, spills on wood wipe right up and couch covers protect the furniture.  I try to just let people have a fun experience. But the one part of my house that is forever being damaged by my get togethers is my hallway carpet.  Being white, it shows every drip or drop or sneeze and I hate it!

I tried towels and plastic but both look so unbelievably tacky, that I would rather have dirty carpet. I usually put strobe lights and a smoke machine in my hallway to hide the carpet and the walls I need to paint. Problem is, I think that causes more spills.

Entrance matscould be the answer. I thought about buying a carpet runner, but they can be so expensive! I’ve spent years trying to solve this problem, all the while having the perfect inexpensive product here!  Our Standard Olefin indoor entrance mats would be perfect for my hallway! The Standard Olefin mats are typically entrance mats, but with  a customizable length up to 60’, it can easily be a used as carpet runners.  Plus! The colors are not only darker, but kind of two toned which will help hide dirt.  Come to think of it, this might be a good permanent solution to my hallway (since replacing the carpet isn’t an option right now). Although I would probably go with one of our nicer mats, like the Plush Olefin or rubber floor mats like the Royale,  if it was going to be permanent.

Indoor Entrance Floor Mats To The Rescue!

Posted on: October 24th, 2012 by

We’re now entering our 8th month of summer here in So Cal.  You Easterners probably think we’re spoiled, complaining about the perfect weather, but too much of a good thing… Plus, not having regular rain really makes us unprepared.  I’m not even going to discuss the fact that people out here suddenly become crippled when it comes to driving in the rain. Â

I exaggerate, of course, but it’s so perfect all the time that I’m not properly prepared when it does rain.  I don’t own an umbrella.  I seriously lack proper footwear.  Thank goodness I have proper entrance mats to clean off all the gook my shoes collect!  I have hardwood floor, so cleaning up is no problem.  But, I HAVE HARDWOOD FLOORS!!  Water and ick can’t possibly be good for it.  The grains are starting to look a little darker next to my doors.

 I had a customer call me the other day who was from Georgia.  She said her door mats get so saturated with water, they are useless.  She wanted something that would help keep moisture and dirt off her floors, but didn’t have to be hung to dry every day.  I suggested our Sponge Mat, which got me thinking about my own house.  They look pretty nice and actually trap up to a gallon and a half of water per square yard! Â

The other thing I love about indoor entrance floor mats, well this one, is the grippers on the back.  I already have a problem with my furniture slipping and sliding, and it’s heavy!  I think I’m going to get matching indoor entrance mats for my front and back door, which has a dog door on it and leads into my laundry room.  My dogs coming in and out all day is really taking its toll on my tile.  I would think since the “channels” in the Sponge Mat can trap water, it stands to reason they can trap dirt and hair and dust (instead of my grout!).  If I had it my way I’d have my whole house optimized in stuff.

Doormats…Could Be Your Next Resting Place!

Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by

Writer’s block is a serious, serious thing.  Luckily, I’m not a writer so the awesome spew of thoughts that I get to share with you is pure, raw, and unadulterated by ‘artistic’ inclinations (see SARCASM).  Also, blogging is not something I technically consider ‘writing’.  I find it to be a socially acceptable form of brain dropping (see JAB AT SELF).  But what is the true poet to do?  One who sees with the eyes of the soul and wants nothing but to be pure of heart and expression.  What do the future Jack Kerouacs or Charles Bukowskis do in a world where a poorly written script for a movie can get your flatulent roommate a $250,000 paycheck (see BATTLESHIP)?  The textbook answer is (obviously) hone your craft, travel, take risks, share your work and be receptive (but not subject) to the criticism of your peers.  For most writing folk I know, the REAL answer it seems (and I cite previously mentioned writers as keen examples) is to indulge in the vice of the storytellers.  Nice try, but the answer is not Dave and Busters… it is A to the L to the C to the O to the H O L!  Warning!  Could also lead to waking up on random door mats (see COLLEGE).

It is a well known fact that excessive consumption of spirits, (also knows as “fire water” by the Native peoples of the Americas) during some of these literary “experiments”, that ‘accidents’ are known to happen (also see COLLEGE).  Certain ‘accidents’ require that you call a friend or roommate to help you flip the mattress over (see A FEW WEEKS AGO).  Is there an easier way?  Well, now, you can enhance your creativity (responsibly!!) and protect your nightly-used investment with one of our Premium Pillow and Mattress Protectors!  These will not prevent irresponsible behavior (I personally enjoy a fine whiskey on Saturday night by the fireplace with my misses and cat) but it will certainly make some of the less serious consequences of your spirit-fueled literary legacy (see Kristen Stewart as Marylou in upcoming adaptation of ON THE ROAD) much more practical and your mattress and those you share it with, will thank you for it!Â

Enjoy your Friday evening, everyone!  If you do wake up on random doormats, hopefully it is one of your kitchen floor mats or indoor entrance mats and not a strangers.  Drink responsibly!