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Door Mats So Durable They Can Thwart Off An Army Of The Undead!

Posted on: October 31st, 2012 by

As we are fast approaching the almighty holiday that is Halloween, I’m sure we have all given thought; if not preparation to our Halloween costumes.  We have spent extended periods of time in our local stores perusing the candy isle, and if you’re like me perhaps taking home some samples as well.  But have you given any thought to your outdoor mats?  Your front home doormat will be getting plenty of traffic this coming week.Â

Hordes of goblins, zombies, vamps, and ghouls.  All on the hunt for candy and treats, tricking and treating up and down the block and all over your door mats.  Whether you need a new mat now in preparation or another just in case, we have a massive selection to choose from.   Entry Door Mats so durable that they could thwart off an army of the undead…and look good doing it.  3D Impressions Home Door Mats that would distract those pesky zombies long enough for you to run and hide or if you’re brave, a Rubber Door Mat Weave.  You can load up the weave with garlic to ward off those sneaky vampires, and then simply hose it off good as new once the sun rises.

No matter your foe, or your holiday needs; we’ve got it.  So to all those out there in the deep dark night this Halloween; have fun, be safe and Happy Holidays!