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Heated Floor Mats Will Maintain The Heat In Your Relationship!

Posted on: March 21st, 2013 by

Have you ever noticed that a woman rarely asks for those things that she needs? She may say, “I’m thirsty.” But much like the character in “White Men Can’t Jump”, you can bet that she doesn’t want you to bring her a glass of water . . . unless she does.

I’m lucky that my wife of 23 years is so straightforward. If she wants a glass of water, she’ll say, “Next time you get up, would you bring me a glass of water?” (of course what she really means is “I’m thirsty and if you wish to sleep in safety tonight , you’d best get up and fetch me a glass of ice water with a lemon wedge and 2 freshly plucked mint leaves and sooner rather than later.”)

So when my darling better half mentioned that the floor in the kitchen was cold in the morning, I knew immediately that for the sake of my continued health, I would need to seek a remedy. I thought about buying long kitchen mats or some type of anti fatigue kitchen mats that would keep her feet from touching the cold floor and be comfortable. Nope, we already had one and it didn’t warm her feet enough when she stepped off the mat onto the floor.  I bought her extra thick socks. Nope, they made her feet sweat when not in the kitchen. I raised the temperature on the thermostat. Nope, she needs it to be frigid at night so she can put her ice cold feet in the middle of my back (something about my garbled muttering under my breath must lull her to sleep).

I was about to buy a cat and glue it to her slippers when it hit me.  There has GOT to be something on the internet to solve this. Brushing aside the heated subfloor section I noticed heated floor mats complete with adjustable Hi-Lo – Off switch. It comes in two sizes and is perfect for that ever so cold kitchen or bathroom floor.  I decided to get a heated footrest in our home office too.  The lord and protector of the manor triumphs again.

Now I just have to decipher her apocryphal musings about what a dreamboat Hugh Jackman is. (Wonder if I should strap on Ginsu knives and leap around in tights.)

Water Absorbing Mats Can Help Your Dog Sleep When It’s Cold!

Posted on: December 27th, 2012 by

Heated foot warmer floor mats may work to keep these dogs warm.After 10 months of summer here in California, winter weather has finally arrived. I know I complain about the wishing and hoping for rain, wind and cold.  But it’s still kind of unbearable! During these cold winter months it’s hard enough for humans to stay warm, (I do love my heated footrest and foot warmer mat) imagine how it must feel to be a dog or cat. I thought about that last night when my dogs broke into the house! They have a doggy door that leads into my laundry room (which I separate from the rest of the house with a babygate) and being as their floor heater broke I guess they were desperate and had no choice but to break in for heat. Our pets can’t throw on a sweater when they feel a chill, and they can’t tell us when their joints hurt. We have the luxury of staying inside on cold winter days if we so choose, but not our dogs. They still have to venture into the cold to “do their business” several times a day. So, what can we do as pet owners to make sure our pets have the best possible care during these frigid winter days?  Here are some tips:

  • Keep your cat inside, which is a harder task than it sounds. My cats are ninjas and have figured out how to open windows. Outdoors, felines can freeze sometimes sleep under the hoods of cars. When the motor is started, the cat can be injured or killed by the fan belt. I sadly did this to a possum a few nights ago so it CAN happen.
  • Never let your dog off the leash on snow or ice, especially during a snowstorm, dogs can lose their scent and easily become lost. Also, remember to thoroughly wipe off your dog’s legs and stomach when he comes in out of the sleet, snow or ice. They don’t have the ability to use snow and ice mats like us.
  • If your dogs sleep on tile, put down a rug that can help insulate them and also can absorb water or ice that they bring in with them. (good water absorbing mats like our Sponge mat is perfect)
  • Never shave your dog down to the skin in winter, as a longer coat will provide more warmth.
  • Never leave your dog or cat alone in a car during cold weather. Just like the heat in the summer, the weather is amplified in a closed car.
  • Does your dog spend a lot of time engaged in outdoor activities? Increase his supply of food, particularly protein, to keep him, and his fur, in tip-top shape.
  • Make sure your companion animal has a warm place to sleep, off the floor (or at least on good indoor mats) and away from all drafts.

The Weather Channel also shares some valuable information about winter pet care. They explain how to watch your pets closely for signs of discomfort with the cold when you are outside with them. If they whine, shiver, seem anxious, slow down or stop moving, or start to look for warm places to burrow, they’re saying they want to get back someplace warm.

Radiant Heaters

Posted on: May 18th, 2010 by

energy efficient heatersNow that the winter months are over, this might be a good time to shop for radiant heaters and other energy efficient space heaters, which are often priced for off-season purchases.  Or, if you work in an establishment that’s kept especially cold and your legs get cold, while seated, you would probably enjoy the comfort a safe, flat panel heater like the one shown here.

People who suffer from diabetes often suffer from pain in their feet while rested on cold, hard floors; that’s when an ergonomic, heated footrest would make a fantastic gift for a boss, coworker, spouse, or even to yourself.  Then, every time that person rests his or her feet on that cozy, heated footrest, or under his or her desk, and feels the radiant warmth, your thoughtfulness will come to mind.