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Heated Floor Mats Will Maintain The Heat In Your Relationship!

Posted on: March 21st, 2013 by

Have you ever noticed that a woman rarely asks for those things that she needs? She may say, “I’m thirsty.” But much like the character in “White Men Can’t Jump”, you can bet that she doesn’t want you to bring her a glass of water . . . unless she does.

I’m lucky that my wife of 23 years is so straightforward. If she wants a glass of water, she’ll say, “Next time you get up, would you bring me a glass of water?” (of course what she really means is “I’m thirsty and if you wish to sleep in safety tonight , you’d best get up and fetch me a glass of ice water with a lemon wedge and 2 freshly plucked mint leaves and sooner rather than later.”)

So when my darling better half mentioned that the floor in the kitchen was cold in the morning, I knew immediately that for the sake of my continued health, I would need to seek a remedy. I thought about buying long kitchen mats or some type of anti fatigue kitchen mats that would keep her feet from touching the cold floor and be comfortable. Nope, we already had one and it didn’t warm her feet enough when she stepped off the mat onto the floor.  I bought her extra thick socks. Nope, they made her feet sweat when not in the kitchen. I raised the temperature on the thermostat. Nope, she needs it to be frigid at night so she can put her ice cold feet in the middle of my back (something about my garbled muttering under my breath must lull her to sleep).

I was about to buy a cat and glue it to her slippers when it hit me.  There has GOT to be something on the internet to solve this. Brushing aside the heated subfloor section I noticed heated floor mats complete with adjustable Hi-Lo – Off switch. It comes in two sizes and is perfect for that ever so cold kitchen or bathroom floor.  I decided to get a heated footrest in our home office too.  The lord and protector of the manor triumphs again.

Now I just have to decipher her apocryphal musings about what a dreamboat Hugh Jackman is. (Wonder if I should strap on Ginsu knives and leap around in tights.)

Snow And Ice Melting Mats Can Be A Pain In The Stockings!

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by

It’s cold.  It’s snowing.  You’ve got your heated floor mats  outside.  It’s great.  We are all thoroughly enjoying the 6 inches of snow and cool breeze of winters delight…Said no one in Los Angeles, ever!

 Nevertheless, we are just one lowly spread out city inhabited by millions of individuals parading around in our sun basked joy. For those of you (un)lucky snowy mountaineers, New Englanders, or Mid-Westerners, getting the snow off your doormats can be a pain in the stockings!

 But fret not, just jingle over to our Snow and Ice Melting Mats and plug that sucker in. Make sure all the jolly holiday sprit oozing from those friendly neighborhood carolers’ pie-holes is met with nice, warm, comfy, toasty, and non-slip-hazard comfort when they come to your door! Feel free to check out our foot warmer mat selection as well and get all toasty comfy for the cold! Snuggles!

Door Mats

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

door mats and kitchen floor matsEveryone is familiar with front door mats, but have you ever thought about placing a decorative floor mat in your kitchen, in front of the kitchen sink, or where you stand while cooking?  Well why not?  There are hosts of beautiful, stain-proof, decorative kitchen floor mats that will not only provide some comfort for the feet of whomever is washing the dishes or cooking most of the time, but will also add a nice touch of beauty and style to your kitchen.

These are not so much a thing of indulgence as they are a stylish way to provide some comfort to the feet of one of your most valuable, familial assets: your cook and dishwasher!   If you want to talk indulgence or pampering oneself, you could treat yourself or loved one to the pleasures of heated floor mats, for those chilly mornings! Radiant heaters are also available.