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Gymnastics Mats & Gymnastics Equipment Are On The Rise!

Posted on: June 8th, 2016 by

Gymnastics Mats Will Be Selling Like Hotcakes Due To The Olympics!Anybody else feel remember being in elementary school and wanting to be a gymnast?  I wanted to learn gymnastics because I had dreams of being a super hero.  And I’ve read that it’s even more popular now. Gymnastics is the most popular sports among elementary school aged children and it’s probably the best for them. It encourages flexibly and coordination while demonstrating the importance and benefits of dedication.

When I was young I envied the kids that could do back handsprings and would have given anything to be able to accomplish that. Any time I tried on my own I ended up with rug burns. Had I had a real mat to practice on, I could have been an Olympian! Maybe.

Since I’ve started working here, over 5 years ago, I’ve seen the demand for gymnastics mats grow.  More and more kids are getting involved and I talk to parents daily that want to get mats for their home. My mom would of loved for me to have an interest like this. It would have occupied my time and kept me fit. It’s the most popular Holiday item for us and we have been working hard make sure there is plenty of stock to meet the needs of all the little Simone Biles and Danell Leyvas of the world.

You can be sure our mats are competition quality and durable. All of our mats have hook and loop fasteners so you can create runways or practice pads.

Aside from gymnastics, our folding mats are used for yoga, pilates, and meditation. It’s a very diverse, functional product that makes a great gift!

An Exercise Mat Sounds Perfect!

Posted on: March 30th, 2015 by

Gymnastics Mats Sound Perfect!Now that it is getting a bit colder – or at least as cold as it can get here in California; it is time for some much needed star gazing. A while ago, a few friends and I had all pitched in to purchase a rather large amateur telescope. With the weather cooling down, that means that there is less atmospheric distortion in the telescope and much clearer images, which is always a good thing! Now it just comes down to driving up to the low-lying mountains around Los Angeles in order to get a better view with much less light than the city.

As much of this happens out in the middle of nowhere and the telescope is only three or so feet from the ground; we usually bring a vinyl mat of some sort with us so that we have something comfortable to kneel and sit on. It definitely takes the joy out of looking out into the universe if you knees are being pinned by sharp rocks, so the gymnastics mats certainly do come in handy.

Perhaps this weekend the tribe and I will head up to the mountains for a night and see what we can see.  We have had a lot of success in the mountains and I would certainly love to see Andromeda (our nearest Galaxy) again; as that is quite a sight. So I think we will be packing up all the science gear mumbo-jumbo and our folding exercise mat and head out early tonight. ‘Second star to the right and straight on till morning’.

Gymnastics Equipment For The True Competitor!

Posted on: December 5th, 2013 by

Balance Beam For Your HomeIt’s amazing how time flies. I still remember when my sister announced that she was pregnant with her second bundle of stress, er, joy. It’s almost like it was yesterday. I was better looking, considerably more care-free, and I actually believed I would be the first President of the World Federation. Not to mention the best-selling artist of all time. How else would I win the minds and hearts of the people of earth and convinced the modern nation-states to disband, demilitarize, and unify under one common banner of rock? Well, needless to say, things didn’t quite turn out that way, but at least I get my own blog.

While both my nieces are turning out to be beautiful and talented young ladies, it’s the younger one of these, now 11, that’s becoming quite the accomplished gymnast. Those genes are definitely something that have stayed on the women’s side of our family since I am neither flexible nor athletic. The last “athletic”thing I engaged in was loading gear from my project studio to a large recording studio. Before that it was running, and before that, it was roller-blading, which I absolutely loved. However, there is something certain people seem to find creepy about a 6’4”bearded man rollerblading around the neighborhood in short-shorts and shaking that booty to his favorite 90’s workout jams. Lots of Madonna, Janet Jackson, and other top 40 favorites. *Ya’ll remember “Rhythm is a Dancer”or “Good Vibrations”? Marky Mark before he was Mark Wahlberg?  If you have, you might be old. But anyway…

I was recently sent a video of her doing her thing with ribbons. She runs and leaps and somersaults on the carpeted crosslink floor and just completely looks at home. It’s really quite remarkable how young some of these gymnasts are too. One her team-mates could not be older than 7, and she is just FLYING on the balance beam. Legs twirling like a helicopter, with the most serious look on her face. Through a series of routines on balance beams, gymnastics mats, and other gym equipment, these girls seems well on their way to their accolades be it regional or with enough dedication, even the Olympics.

A Mexican Blanket And Its Many Uses!

Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by

Mexican Blankets Are Very Useful!I love camping! There, I’ve said it. I love the outdoors, I love getting off the grid if only for a little while. Just you or perhaps some friends and the great outdoors. Now whether you choose the forest or the desert you know that temperatures can raise and drop pretty quickly. You know that the ground is certainly a cruel mistress, and you may have figured out that you need to think on your feet at times.

A good, yet seemingly random item to have that certainly comes in handy for a quick warm up would be a Mexican blanket. Nice and warm, easy to pack and pretty light weight. It comes in handy in a pinch on a long hike or just randomly around the fire when you need it. It is also perfect to use in combination with your yoga mat in the morning in place of a Bolster.

Everyone is different when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Some need less support, others need more. You would be surprised that you can easily use gymnastics mats for a very comfortable camping bed. They are easy to clean, plenty of support and relatively easy to pack for your so-called car camping adventures. However if you require something lighter for those longer walkabouts you may or may not be taking, I would recommend the trusted Anti-Fatigue mats. They are light weight and can be rolled to a small size and easily attached to a backpack.

All in all, you would be very surprised about what things may be used for “alternative” reasons, and in ways that the original manufacturers never really intended. So venture out dear reader, see the world…and bring a blanket.

Ballet Bar, Gymnastics Equipment And More With Shipping Included!

Posted on: March 17th, 2013 by

I wish all online companies would include shipping in their costs. It would make life a lot easier and probably help boost sales.  I talk to probably 2 or 3 people a week that are gymnastic coaches or cheer-leading instructors and I see how much gymnastics equipment is necessary and how expensive it is to ship and how hard they work for funding.

Remember being a kid, really wanting a kids play mat or a toy or something and having to save up for it? I do. I remember when CD players first started becoming big and I wanted one so bad, but my mom said I would need to save the $60 myself.  After a few months of doing odd chores and hoarding lunch money, I was finally able to afford it. Imagine how devastating it was to learn I didn’t think about tax? The same goes for shipping prices, in my opinion. Most instructors, or students themselves, go online looking for the best price possible and start working as hard as they can to raise the money only to find out they’re still short a couple hundred dollars for shipping.

We at include shipping cost in almost all of our gymnastics mats, dance equipment like the ballet barre, and many other products, which make saving money for these super simple! You will know exactly what your cost is, without having to predict shipping costs (especially since there isn’t an exact science to figuring it out).  It’s not like tax where you can just add a percentage. So many factors come into play. The lightest item can cost $100 to ship because it’s bulky, and vice versa for smaller items.  As a super consumer, I really appreciate companies like ours that make purchasing so easy.

OMG! Some People Are Actually Interested In Mats!

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by

Anti Fatigue Mats, Trade Show Flooring, Gymnastics Mats - Think About ItOMG! You guys actually read these things?! I didn’t believe it until Mr. Mats himself told us he can see number of people that visit the blogs. That’s great.  Now, I don’t feel like I’m talking to nobody! Not to show my age or anything, but the internet or social media is amazing and has come such a long way from the AOL discs we received in the mail to “try” the internet.  You can literally say anything you want to nobody in particular and somebody interested can seek out the information.  It gives anybody an outlet to discuss or rant about anything they desire.

I’ve had some friends read my blogs and they all seemed less than thrilled. It really took away my motivation. Then I stopped and realized that they have no interest in Gymnastics Mats, or Tradeshow Flooring, or Anti Fatigue Mats so of course they’re not going to find my writings interesting. You guys, however, sought out this information and are probably more entertained/benefited by these. Now that I know I have an audience I think I can be a little more creative. I know we carry a ton of different products, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to talk about them- to myself essentially. I really wish you could comment, I’d love some interaction. You can always call me if you want to talk about the blogs or maybe I sparked a question about something, then maybe I can write a blog inspired by you! Stay tuned, I’m going to start brainstorming ideas to make these blog articles more informative and entertaining.  I should do a youtube channel, where I answer questions! Would you watch?  I’m kidding- kind of.

A Gymnastics Mat For Tumbling Your Way To Gold

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by


The FiveTastic U.S. Gold Medal Gymnastics Team should be so proud!  They were so awesome!  So inspiring… so inspiring that it made me want to write this blog article.

If you’re like me you’re probably not going to read this until after the Olympics are over, because you’re glued to your screen every free second you have.  I never had interest in the Olympics until this year for some reason.  I’m a sucker for a good performance, which is probably why  I’m also very interested in the gymantics- I would LOVE to be able to bounce around like they do!!  At my job, I sell so many “first” gymnastics mats to parents for their children, I wonder if one of those kids will ever be in the Olympics.  Not that I’d ever know, but it’d be cool.

If you want an Olympic Gold Medal you better be willing to work your butt off!  I Googled what it takes to even be considered for the Olympics … You’ll never hear me complain about 3 days of working out again! These people have some serious self control. They spend up to 8 hours a day, 6 DAYS A WEEK in the gym, and that’s not even just for the Olympics. That’s just to get yourself in shape FOR the Olympics.  A lot of these girls ( I’m focusing on the girls since they did just win the gold medal!  Go USA!) have been training at home since they could walk.  I wonder if any of their parents were reluctant in buying them their first gymnastics balance beam or incline mat (aka cheese mat or wedge), because they thought it was just a “phase” only to now be sitting it the audience of the 2012 LONDON Olympics cheering on their kid… like the parents of gold medal winner Aly Raisman in this YouTube video:

Cartwheel Mats

Posted on: June 9th, 2010 by

children's play matsWhen I was a boy, pretty much only girls even wanted to learn how to do a cartwheel; and there surely were no such things as cartwheel mats, like the one you see here!   But then again, when I was a kid, there weren’t much in the way of children’s play mats or tumbling mats of any kind.

But take a look at the mats pictured here.   You can clearly see the pink mat has a diagram for where a kid (or even adult, when your kids aren’t looking) should place his or her feet to successfully complete a cartwheel.   The blue side of the mat has a stripe the exact size of a balance beam, so as to practice those cartwheels or back hand springs in preparation to execute such maneuvers on a real balance beam [which should be done only over large gymnastics mats stacked together, along with a spotter!

The mats are 2 feet wide and 6 feet long, weigh about 10 pounds, are easy to clean, and are made with 5/8” crosslink foam filler, not low-density, soft, sponge foam, and are available in pink, blue, or red, all with white markings.

Exercise Mats

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by

exercise matsWhen you’re looking for exercise mats, you need only look as far as your computer!  The truth is, your local sports outfitter isn’t likely to match the inventory of large, online providers that have vast selections housed in warehouses that don’t take up expensive commercial real estate, which expense is inevitably passed onto the customer!   Why not pay prices that are closer to wholesale instead of the huge mark-ups you’ll encounter at retail stores?

Just think of the savings and trouble saved when you buy, for instance, gymnastics mats and receive free shipping!   You select the color, size, and thickness to suit your needs, place your order, and then wait for your mats to arrive.  No worries about hauling those bulky mats back to your destination location! Just browse, decide, click, and you’re done!

Folding Exercise Mats

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by

folding exercise mats

Not every exercise facility owner wants wall-to-wall exercise flooring.   There are times folding exercise mats are the ideal solution to fill the need for exercise mats for either stretching out, performing certain calisthenics [like crunches on a hard floor], or even practicing some yoga; folding exercise mats have been around for decades are still terrific when padded flooring isn’t available or practical.

And people aren’t the only ones in need of special mats.  Exercise equipment should be placed on non-slip, protective mats, such as when you’re using a treadmill, you’ll want to use a treadmill mat, especially if your treadmill isn’t in your home or on a rug; stationary exercise bikes—as all exercise equipment—should also be placed on appropriate mats for safety, stability, and protection.