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Gymnastic Equipment In Stock For The Holidays – Sure To Cheer You Up!

Posted on: December 6th, 2012 by

Yes! The holidays! So much joy and holiday cheer and fireside chats and sing-alongs. But don’t forget the most important thing of all…PRESENTS! For without presents, our children might actually start asking why we’re not around as much!

Seriously, though, folks.. I strongly implore you to browse and peruse through our many in-stock gymnastic mats and other items this holiday season.  Lest we forget our aspiring little gymnasts mini high bar, or perhaps a  balance beam, or any of our many other types of gymnastic equipment. The next McKayla Maroneys of the country are hard at work on their spring boards in order to one day fulfill the dreams of a nation!

 So this holiday season, be sure to get in on our Christmas delivery guaranteed items and if you didn’t quite make it, there’s always our Santa Letter you can show to the wee ones. Make sure to cover your bases, parents!

Gymnastic Equipment Made in the Gold Medal USA

Posted on: October 3rd, 2012 by

As a sales representative of one of many other products we sell other than mats is gymnastic equipment, such as gymnastic aids and props.  We offer one of the most diverse selections of gymnastics equipment to help in learning the fundamentals needed to excel in the sport.  Some of the most popular ones, like the incline mats, smarter spotter, and handspring trainer include shipping in the cost and if you live outside California you don’t even have to pay sales tax. On top of that, many of our products are in stock and ready to ship. 

smarter spotter

We take pride in knowing that our gymnastics training equipment is of high quality and made right here in the USA.  We use one of the best inner core foams covered in a heavy duty vinyl.  These products are meant to take a beating and last a long time.  So whether you are buying it for a gym or to learn at home all you need to do is visit our site.