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NFL Logo Rugs

Posted on: May 19th, 2010 by

children's play matsNFL Logo rugs are in another “league” than children’s play mats, and perhaps shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence, in some enthusiasts’ minds, but when you break it down; grown men, older teens, and even some women have their grown up “toys” and love their favorite NFL team with every bit as much zeal as an elementary school student loves his or her favorite animated movie!

In fact, in some cases, the only difference in displayed exuberance between the men and the boys, or the women and the girls, is the pitch of their voices! And while the “big boys or girls” fancy themselves so much cooler and “more mature” sitting or lounging on their logo rugs, while the [legal aged] children play on kids play rugs, we can all just smile inwardly…knowing NFL logo rugs are really more elaborate, somewhat more expensive–renditions of children’s play mats, right?