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Vinyl Or Rubber Flooring MakeThe Best Doormats!

Posted on: October 24th, 2013 by

Door Mats Help Keep The Dirt Outside!Nobody likes dirt or dust, but it’s something we just can’t seem to avoid. I literally dust everyday (which takes me less than 5 minutes) so it doesn’t build up. It’d be nice if I could figure out a way to eliminate the problem all together, but that’s not possible. There are a few things you can do to minimize the problem.

1. Keep dirt outside in the first place!
Our shoes track in the most dirt. So take some hints from our Asian friends and leave those shoes at the door. Dust has a way of finding it’s way in but our shoes account for most of the problem.

I always try and do the “no shoes” thing, but I quickly forget. Another solution is having door mats on the inside and outside your door.

2. Make sure you pick the right Mat
While looks are always an important factor, you want to make sure your front door mats functions properly. The first thing you should look at is the size of the door. You have to make sure to not only cover the width, but make sure the mat is long enough for at least one full step. For example, most people would buy a 3’x5’ and have the 5’ side parallel to the door, when you actually want the mat length wise to ensure maximum dirt gets trapped

Vinyl or rubber flooring are the best because they clean up the easiest and are more durable. Mats for outside your door are usually made of rubber.

Of course you want the mat to match, but always get something that is a few shades darker to hide the dirt that is captured.

3. Doormats need minimal maintenance
You can just vacuum or shake out most of our welcome mats.

If they get really gross, hose them down and scrub them with mild diluted soap. Rinse. Make sure the mats are completely dry before you put them back on the floor. Moisture trapped underneath could damage your floors.

4. Smart tricks for pets
Any Pet with a yard probably brings in 10x’s more dirt than any of us would. A neat trick would be our Sticky Mats – Shoe Cleaning Mat. It’s like a giant lint brush and when your dogs run inside, it will instantly grab and trap debris. Each disposable sheet is easily removed for quick cleanup.

Custom Logo Mats For All Occasions!

Posted on: March 13th, 2013 by

Personalized door mats for all occasions!This has been a hectic week for me and my household. I’ve had teens, tweens and preteens, traipsing through my house like Sherman marching through Atlanta. My refrigerator has seen more action than the most common of clichés that you can think of that sees a lot of action. At the peak of occupancy, I’m sure Noah looked down from above and wondered how that many creatures could fit in that space and what were we doing for restrooms.

Just when I thought it could not get any louder and nerve wracking, the doorbell rings AGAIN.

I’m sure the teenager at my door had the noblest of intentions when they agreed to sell whatever the heck it is they were trying to sell and I am usually very receptive to these juvenile pitchmen as they wander through the neighborhood hawking the assorted candy, plastic junk, subscriptions and whatnots that they lug around. However, straw met camel. Camel started venting. Poor teen fled practically in tears.

This could have been prevented by the simple use of custom logo mats. See, these doormats can come with whatever logo or phrase you want or need to have displayed. My fault is that my current front door mats say, “Welcome.”  People see this and assume I mean it. What it should say is, “An overstressed, possibly psychotic father of three, lives here, approach at your own risk especially if you’re a male between the ages of 5 and 70.”  Instead I am getting outdoor mats that say “NO SOLICITING, THIS MEANS YOU!” AND since I am getting a vanity mat, I’m getting sports rugs for my Lakers and one for my Angels as well, since MatsMatsMats can also make those to order.

Sleeping Pillows Make For Better Nights!

Posted on: March 4th, 2013 by

I like to sleep, and usually I can sleep anywhere, literally anywhere, no dialogue or protestations about it from anyone who knows me. There are studies that say we spend over a third of our lives in bed.  I say they are vastly underestimating that number. Between power naps on the weekend, reading in bed and hitting the snooze button for the third time, I would say it’s closer to half. Especially when you factor in the amount of time we spent asleep as kids and the amount of time asleep increasing when we get older.  Not to mention the time we spend covering our heads with pillows as we struggle to keep them from exploding the morning after a particular adventurous Friday night when we’re lucky not to end up on our front door mats.

SO, sleep is goooood. And since we are going to spend so much time riding the bed sled, should we not then enhance the experience in as many ways as possible? I say YES! Here are a few of my favorite things.

1] Therapeutic Positioning Body Pillow – or as I like to call it, my snuggly. The extra-long cylindrical shape conforms naturally to my body and allows me to sleep like a baby, a whiny, loud, snoring baby. The pillow is made from pure cotton which I love and stuffed with premium poly-fiber, white goose feather, and natural kapok that molds to support your body.

2] Reading Bed Pillow – I read in bed. . . a lot. I tried several different normal pillow combinations and finally decided that I needed a dedicated pillow just for reading. And here it is. It has two distinct levels of support built INTO the pillow. I use it strictly for reading then grab my sleeping pillows but if you want, you can use it for both just by turning it around.

And finally. . .

3] Sinus Mask – When sundown to sunup just isn’t enough. In the winter, darkness last just the right amount but in the spring, summer and fall, the sun sneaks into my room and stabs my eyes with its terrible “WAKE UP” call. This mask serves two purposes, it can be used to block that rude awakening AND it can be heated or frozen to provide sinus pressure relief.

I’m sure there are other items out there to enhance the time we spend in bed but these three are my favorites.

Home Door Mats

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by

The Cleanscrape Welcome Iron Front Door Mats in Coffee ColorI just moved into a new home and feel very lucky that I work for a company that sells, among other things, home door mats.  We needed a front door mat and also a mat for the back door.  I forgot how important these mats were until I noticed how much dirt was being tracked inside our new house.  I thought about going to Costco or something to get a mat, but I didn’t want to settle on just anything, so I spent some time to look through the huge selection of entrance mats we have at 

Cleanscrape home door mats - Celtic Lattice in CoffeeI decided to go off a customers recommendation whom I had recently spoken to.  She bought a couple different patterns of our CleanScrape Mats.  She had a friend that had bought our mats and they told her how excellent they were holding up.  So I sat down and picked out a couple different CleanScrape styles and sizes I liked.  I received them at my house about a week ago… delivered to my “front door.”  They look awesome.  Being in our early 30′s we play all kinds of sports and get plenty dirty.  We got the Celtic Lattice mat for our back door so any water can drain all the way through as it is not a covered area.  For the front we purchased the Welcome Iron mat.  We were able to get them in matching coffee colors.

People have different tastes (styles, colors, etc.) and different needs (sizes, quantities, etc.), but whatever your needs are I’m sure will have what your looking for… and if not, they can always make custom door mats (custom sizes or custom logo door mats) to fit your needs.  So, whether you’re moving into a new house or apartment – like me – or just need to replace your existing door mats, it might behove you to check out the selection of mats offered by  They also offer a huge selection of quality commercial and industrial mats for the workplace, so keep that in mind too!

Woven Rubber Door Mat

Posted on: June 17th, 2011 by

Woven Rubber Door MatA woven rubber door mat is a beautiful, durable and eco friendly solution when you are in need of front door mats.  Door mats made in USA from tire scraps.  So, when you purchase this mat, you can feel good about yourself knowing that you are helping to keep tires out of landfills across America.

These woven outdoor door mats are made from 100% durable recycled rubber construction making them ideal for outside entrances.  The molded designs act as scrapers to remove heavy dirt and soil from shoes and provide an excellent anti-slip surface.  These mats don’t move around as much as many of the smaller door mats tend to do, because the extra heavy base keeps the door mat in place.  Maintenance is also extremely easy – to clean you can just shake or hose off as needed.

Some ideal places to use rubber entrance mats are at outdoor entrances to a home or an office. 

The Woven Rubber Entry Mats offer everything most Americans search for when making a purchase:
- Quality and Durability at a Low Cost
- Good for the Environment and
- Made in USA

Door Mats

Posted on: June 29th, 2010 by

door matsYou might not think there’s much to door mats.  Most people probably think of a front door or welcome mat as being a flat, boring, rectangular piece of rubber, or a fuzzy, scruffy section of material that is unattractive and there only to wipe off their feet, and to be (generally) ignored the rest of the time.  Don’t you, now, when you stop to think about it, think that most people probably don’t even wash or clean their own front door mats?

Maybe it’s just me, but until I started learning about these fantastic mats available today, I always thought ornate or decorative door mats was kind of a silly investment, and that most of them were much too expensive.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Recycled rubber door mats, for instance, are not only tough, durable, and practical; they’re also good looking, spacious, provide non-slip qualities, and help protect expensive flooring indoors by providing an excellent surface for wiping feet on porches and in breezeways.

Personalized Front Door Mats

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by

front door matsHave you ever wondered about or thought you might like a unique, personalized front door mat for your home or personal office? In a previous post, some weeks back, I wrote about the possibilities of custom door mats with a company logo or family crest on it, and the more I think about it now, the more I think it’s a pretty nifty idea; how about you?

I realize not everyone has a family crest, but you could incorporate the talents of a graphic artist to come up with a regal or unique “logo” of your family name to have printed on a custom logo mat, similar to the one pictured here—they don’t ONLY have to be “professional logos” after all.

These custom logo mats can be printed in single orders, in case you’re thinking, “You probably have to order in bulk.” Don’t you think it would be really impressive to visitors to have a TRULY unique entrance mat to your home? It would be nice departure from traditional welcome mats, like we normally see on front porches and other entry ways.

Welcome Door Mats

Posted on: May 28th, 2010 by

welcome door matsWelcome mats aren’t what they used to be, that’s for sure! Welcome mats are no longer unattractive and ignored. Front door mats and other entryway mats now range from rugged and sharp looking to elegant and quite decorative. In fact, welcome door mats, such as 100% recycled rubber door mats are almost attractive enough to frame! It almost doesn’t seem right to put these lovely items outside or where people are going to wipe their feet on!

For instance, take a look at the cute door mat pictured here. This is simply one among many, gorgeous, often colorful decorative door mats that are not only just that—decorative—but also extremely fade resistant, and easily cleaned; just spray with a garden hose, or perhaps brush with a tire brush.

Front Door Mats

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

door matsPeople might not plan home remodeling around their choice of front door mats…but you can certainly find selection enough of durable, beautiful, recycled rubber door mats to coordinate with your remodeling plans. Not only have selections of beautiful welcome mats increased dramatically in recent years [thank you, eco-friendly, recycling!], but even designs and patterns for commercial or industrial entry way mats gotten a bit snazzier lately!

There are even specialized 3-stage commercial indoor carpet mats specifically designed with entryways, breezeways, and entrances to take on the heaviest of traffic, while looking attractive as well as remaining practical. And to think people used to use old pieces of indoor or office carpet to serve as front door or entrance mats!

Thank goodness we’ve come to our senses!

Door Mats

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by

front door mats and entryway matsFront door mats…welcome mats…entryway mats…they probably aren’t what folks from the older generations remember anymore. Those of you who are over 40, for instance, when you think of door mats—unless you’ve purchased a lovely door mat in recent years—probably picture the unattractive, black, thin, virtually useless “Welcome” mats that have been around practically since civilization began…AND STILL ARE!

But like so many things that have evolved with technology, door mats have been transformed into things of beauty…into home decorations that can be proudly displayed, and from which you’re likely to receive many compliments on! Many of today’s door mats are made of highly durable, 100% recycled rubber, and are “eco-friendly” meaning they won’t harm the environment once they do eventually wear out and are thrown away.

Nowadays, door mats have even inspired mats to be used for other practical purposes other than wiping one’s feet before entering someone’s home, such as a kneeling pad, which is great when you have to kneel on hard ground and don’t want to bruise your knees. Yes, it’s true…gone are the days of those boring, plain, black Welcome mats!