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Trade Show Flooring

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

trade show flooringSuppose you knew someone who owned a blown glass boutique and wanted to exhibit at an expo in his or her local, city convention center that happens to have concrete floors. If that person asked you to help with transporting the glass goods to the convention center, what would you say if you noticed they didn’t have any trade show booth flooring, or even foam mats to put down in the event one of the display items was dropped or knocked off onto the floor?

Most likely, you’d say, “You really should have something to pad the floor just in case someone drops one of your pieces; you know…to keep it from getting shattered into a million pieces.” Of course, such a person would most likely have thought of that, but…you never know, and…you, being the good friend you [most likely] are, would be obliged to mention the fact.

Anti-fatigue trade show flooring, you could tell your friend, will protect against damaged goods on those concrete floors, as well [you’ll say with confidence and impressive savvy] help preserve the feet, joints, and backs of those standing behind the display cases all day.

What a great asset you are as a friend!

Children’s Play Rugs

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

children's play matsMy kids have all grown up and while they were younger we sort of missed the many cool, children’s play rugs or mats, like the ones available today. Oh sure, there were some play mats, like play rugs for cars and other imagination igniting fun [I did the same thing, as a kid, but in the dirt…most kids, boys at least, still do] that they got to enjoy in pre-K and Kindergarten, but there are some really nice play mats and play carpets for kids to day; some for pure fun and enjoyment, some for educational purposes.

Take, for instance, the various mats and carpets with maps of the world or United States; educational rugs are designed to be fun and promote learning. You can even go with foam mats, like the foam tile world map, which is not only cool and educational, but also soft and safe to lay—or play—on.