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Kids Foam Puzzle Mats

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

children's play matsWhat kind of kids play mats are you looking for? There’s perhaps not a kindergarten or pre-school class that would be complete without kids foam puzzle mats of one style or another. What a great way for your little ones—whether your own or those you care for daily—to learn their ABC’s, to develop finger dexterity, all the while playing (somewhat) quietly and safely! Buy two or three, and see what words kids can come up with, too!

The large, foam, tiles pictured here are brightly colored, and what’s more, are non-toxic, contain no PVC or latex, and are easily washable—and durable—for years of clean, quiet, safe fun for little children…and adults! The tiles, after complete assemblage, make about a 6 foot square mat kids can continue to play on, perhaps with colorful, carpeted play mats with maps or other pictures on them.