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Treadmill Mats Will Protect Your Floors!

Posted on: November 13th, 2013 by

Treadmill mat that will have you running like a stallion!

As the tides ebb and flow across the sand of this world; so do my exercise habits and diets. Needless to say in the last many weeks since my last update on my new found lust for life and health, I have waned back to; lets say not so healthy. So I consciously decided to not give into defeat! Na! I would get back on the horse, per say. Instead my stead; my mighty stallion would be an exercise bike circa 1985 that I found at a local estate sale – for a very good price I might add and much more fun than using my exercise mats. Now armed with the prevailer of thy doom, I would “ride” valiantly into the night, of my living room while watching trash TV and anime. Or at least that is plan for now.

Once I returned with the might stead to the great keep (my house for the laymen) I did notice one bright, brilliant fact. The legs of this newly acquired beast of mine were quite rough and may not be too good for the hard wood floors of my sanctum. So as I shall remedy my health, I shall remedy this issue as well. Intro: Stage Left – Stationary Bike Mat and Treadmill Mat.

Now with these protective bike mats laid upon my throne room, I was free to let my wild and aging horse ride freely. Free, in a stationary position on top of a protective floor covering to be exact. But free non the less. So as I end this, I look forward to my return home. To my work, still left to do.

Indoor Door Mats Will Make Your Housemates Happier In The Morning!

Posted on: March 1st, 2013 by

Carpeted Indoor Mats Make The Home More Pleasant!I’ll be moving out of my 5 bedroom house soon. It’s a bitter sweet thing because while my girlfriend and I are looking forward to having our own space (we currently share the house with another couple… more on that later) where we can yell at each other in peace, I can’t help but think of all the ways we may have made ourselves a little more tolerable to our room mates and vice versa. This inspired me to come up with a list of potential room mate grievances and solutions that can be ameliorated with a bit of consideration, poise, communication, and as always, a few mats.

Hallway noise – This is a no brainer. On opposite schedules? Say you have to be at the office at 8am. It’s 7am. You’re pacing back and forth in those GORGEOUS 3 inch heels your boyfriend got you. All sounds good on paper but then you realize your roomies are in the service industry. One’s a bartender, the other a server and they’re at this time on what is likely to be their fourth hour of sleep. To them your KLIK- KLAK-KLIK-KLAK back and forth down the hallway probably sounds like a construction crew is hammering out the floor to replace it! That’s when you throw big, beautiful plush olefin carpeted floor mats. Plush, thick, and inexpensive, those kliks and klaks will be minimized and much quieter with good entrance mats. They might make you a pie when you get home out of appreciation.

Tracking leaves – Seriously, fellas. MAJOR peeve of mine. Frequent smoker? Neither am I. As chores are generally divided amongst the individuals living in said residence, there is nothing more astonishingly irritating than the satisfaction of a clean tile floor, a vacuumed carpet, and the smell of cleanliness up in your space. Unless 10 minutes after you’re done, you see the little trails of dry leaves, twigs, and other crap already decoration your living room area rug from the incessant smoke breaks. Throw that piece of crap entry mat out and get yourself clean scrape mats for the outside of the door and a nice brush-and-clean for the inside. The double action scraping will be sure to put the hold on all that debris from your backyard. In-n-out will no longer be a euphemism for the annoyance one experiences from your friends/room mates having to take a smoke break from life every 20 minutes.

Exercise – There’s not a lot one can do when they share a common area. When the common living room area is the largest and most easily accessible to rock that Tae-Bo or whatever other dated exercise fab you’re into, it can be pretty annoying to hear the jumping and pouncing of intense cardio while that roomie sweat and fitness juice drips on to the rug I like to lay on with cats on occasion. Don’t be a jerk and get yourself exercise mats. Be it soft tiles, a folding mat, or even simple easy yoga mats, get something your roomies won’t have to think twice about laying down to watch tv on “that wet-spot’ over there.

Lastly, if it gets really, really, really bad. You can just move. Seriously, though, I’m gonna miss where I live.

A Yoga Bolster Or Comfort Pillow Can Help With Your Posture!

Posted on: February 25th, 2013 by
A Comfort Pillow Can Have You Walking Straighter!Posture is an often overlooked and easily correctable cause of back and neck pain.  Speaking from personal experience, it can also be the difference between a lasting first impression or an awkward and hopefully forgettable moment with a cute stranger of the female variety.  Certain people that I have noticed have a bigger tendency to slouch or have this S-shape posture (chest in, gut out, and neck down) are gloomy teenagers, long-haired beat-nicks, and just about ANYONE that sits in an office chair 8 hours a day. I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier it was to stand up straight when I moved boxes in a warehouse.
A simple trick to get you to cock up that chest and drop your shoulders is by literally restricting the exact posture that encourages your muscles to rest at such positions. A yoga bolster or comfort pillow can help when used properly.  Place the yoga bolster or comfort pillow on the lower backside of your back between the back rest and your back on your office chair.  This can help by forcing you to lean back towards your chair and make you drop your shoulders. Also, proper stretching in the morning and the evening can help greatly with the office-workout stress on your muscles with some simple stretches. Using yoga mats or any type of exercise mats when stretching makes it much more comfortable.

Exercise Floor Mats – A Necessity After Holiday Eating!

Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by

The holidays can be fun, but also super time consuming.  The hours in your week usually spent exercising may well instead be spent shopping, wrapping, or baking for the never ending holiday dinners and parties.  I’m really starting to worry, mainly because I don’t want to gain any weight.  I’ve worked too hard to drop almost 40lbs and all the tempting holiday treats can potentially destroy my diet.  I want to have my cake and eat it too!  So, once again I went to my annoyingly healthy and fit sister for some tips and I’m gonna pass them on to you!  Instead of throwing things to the wind this year, try these quick but effective -no equipment exercises, all easy to fit into your jam packed schedule.

Of course there are crunches, cardio, or simple things like stretching and jumping jacks (make sure you at least have exercise floor mats or one of our fitness mats to protect those joints!)  According to my sister, these next activities are kinda fun and can also target specific muscle groups and it will make you lose a lot of excess fat.  It is important that when you do these activities, safety should be a primary concern.

Milk Jug Squats
When putting away groceries, grab a full, one-gallon container of milk, juice or whatever else is at hand, then do six to eight squats (keep a straight back).  It should feel like you’re sitting down in an invisible chair, then standing up (if it helps, put a chair behind you but don’t sit down in it). Do at least two sets.

Gift Wrap Runs
Wrap two gifts, then walk or run up and down your stairs three times or jog in place for two minutes. Repeat five times or until you’re done packaging your presents.

Cookie Push-ups
While you’re waiting for the cookies to bake, do five push-ups (knees on the floor for beginners; plank position for advanced exercisers). Then lie on your back with four dish towels (each folded in half) under your head, knees bent, and feet shoulder-width apart.  Raise your hips off the floor about six to eight inches, then slowly lower them. Repeat five times.  Keeping a yoga mat in the corner might help remind you.  Plus, if you’re like me when you cook there is going to be flour and who knows what else all over the floor.  An eco exercise mat is good for the environment and can help keep your floor clean.

Soup Can Curls
While cooking, take an average-size soup can in each hand. Face your palms forward and “attach” your elbow to your waist. Then slowly curl one arm at a time and return it to the straight, hanging position.  Do one set of 10 repetitions for each arm.

Post-Feast Walk
If your holiday culminates in one big family dinner, plan to take a 45-minute post-meal walk with your sister-in-law.  Here’s why the “walking pact” is a good idea: For about four hours after a high-fat meal (such as a typical holiday dinner) your arteries look just like those of a person with heart disease. That’s because your vessels are trying to expand to accommodate increased blood flow, but the fat in your bloodstream is making it harder for your arteries to flex.  A 45-minute post-meal walk helps reverse oxidative stress.

Exercise mats are a great gift and are really beneficial when adding simple workout routines into your daily life.  Now you don’t have to lie to yourself about taking off that Holiday weight.  Just don’t put it on!

Comfortable Planking

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by

exercise mat in various colorsMy trainer put me through a rigorous regiment twice a week.  Embarking on new vegetarian diet means I have to watch what I eat even more.  While at the gym this past weekend, I noticed that when it comes to doing planks, everyone’s got a very different idea of what is comfortable on the ground.  For those not familiar, a plank is a very simple yet very effective form of core training.  You basically get down on the floor, back straight, and lift your body off the floor with your forearms on the floor.  The idea is you use your elbows and toes to anchor your body while your core (lower back and abdomen) support your body.  A minute of this can get pretty intense pretty fast.

At my gym, we have workout mats in varying thicknesses.  What I noticed was that depending on the person, different mats will provide a substantially different level of comfort and balance when planking.  A petite woman with a small frame would probably dig into a plank on a relatively thin mat like a yoga mat, while a larger, body-builder type male will not get much out of anything less than 1-3/8″ dense crosslink foam exercise mat for most floor stretches and things like planks.
When it comes to finding exercise mats for particular applications, one must always consider comfort, thickness, and (often overlooked) body chemistry. At 6’4″ and 198lbs, I found that my deciding factor when using any of the floor mats for exercise, is the actual surface material.  Smooth Vinyl on most crosslink mats, embossing pattern on closed-cell pvc mats (e.g. yoga mats) or the hard surface of the rubber gym flooring.  I happen to sweat A LOT. Like, a lot.  So much in fact, that by the time I’m doing a plank, my elbows begin sliding on the vinyl covering of a crosslink mat.  As a result, I always go for the pebble embossed 3/8″ thick closed-cell pvc mats and the 5/8″ when available.  The thickness, comfort, and grip it provides for me are just the thing needed to attempt a 90 second plank without sliding around once the muscles start to give.

Exercise Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

exercise matsI’ve thought about even using one of my wife’s exercise mats to protect my knees while I’m kneeling down to either change a flat tire, screw cement board down as sub-flooring before laying tiles, or for some other such purpose, but I’m not THAT crazy! My wife would NOT be too thrilled about such a stunt, and I would have to either admit my error, or utter something like, “Well my knees are being sacrificed to this project; can’t you maybe buy me one of those kneeling pads, or maybe even a two-foot square tile of gym flooring?” I doubt I’d be met with much sympathy, but…the thought has crossed my mind!

It’s true, exercise mats, like my wife’s Pilates mats, probably shouldn’t be used for kneeling down on concrete driveways, or even concrete backer boards, as those rough surfaces could really scratch them up. But many of such exercise mats are made of materials that are recycled and are not harmful to the earth’s eco system, as well as being non-allergenic.

Deluxe Yoga Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

Those who are new to yoga will do well to start out getting just a few yoga props, beginning with a basic mat, some straps to help with stretching, and maybe yoga bolsters for support until strength and flexibility come; no sense going overboard from the beginning, but it’s better to have an experienced yoga practitioner guide you and teach you some of the basics to get you warmed up to it.

But for those who have already invested much time and diligence into his or her yoga regimen, then there’s no reason such persons can’t—or shouldn’t—invest in some [at least one] deluxe yoga mats, is there? Maybe you could treat your self to one of the artistic designer yoga mats, or give one as a gift to that special someone you know who is either a long-time practitioner or serious beginner. Unlike normal exercise mats, yoga mats are designed to prevent slippage, while reducing the effects of gravity to the body.

Exercise Mats and Flooring

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by

cushioned flooringMost of us, when we’re working out, like to have some sort of cushioned flooring under our feet or our bodies when we do crunches, Pilates, etc. Even if we have to put down a piece of carpet, or workout in a carpeted area, it’s preferable to working out on a hard floor. If you’ve ever tried to perform crunches on a hardwood floor, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

If you were to install some interlocking foam exercise flooring in your personal workout area at home, you wouldn’t have to worry about buying—and storing—exercise mats, which are great for when you can’t or don’t want to put in permanent flooring; kind of like having an exercise mat that covers your entire room!

Wrestling Mats

Posted on: June 11th, 2010 by

exercise matsHave you been looking among exercise mats, for wrestling mats, and haven’t found what you need?  Well, you’ll probably be able to end your search here and now.  Wrestling mats typically are made to endure greater impact and activity than personal or folding exercise mats.  You can choose three basic options for your approach to purchasing the right wrestling mats for your needs.

You can go with…

  1. Reconditioned/used wrestling mats.  Used mats that have been reconditioned on both sides; the most cost economical.  They’ve been re-cut or squared, tears have been repaired, and the surfaces have been reconditioned as well.
  2. Remnant wrestling mats.  Like the name implies, these are made from the remnants at the ends of rolls used to make bigger mats.  The remnants are glued together to form single mats, and provide a significant cost savings for you.
  3. New wrestling mats.  These are brand new, custom mats manufactured according to your specifications for size and color(s).

In addition to wrestling and other exercise mats, you might want to consider some sort of wall padding if you’re outfitting a school or even a private or home gym.

Folding Exercise Mats

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

exercise mats and gym flooringIf you have a small exercise facility where you really want—or need—to conserve on space, and it’s not in your best interest to house big, bulky exercise mats or if your budget can’t finance wall-to-wall gym flooring, then you might want to consider handy, foldable exercise mats, like those pictured here.

These convenient, colorful mats are great because you can stack them easily in a corner, or in a good-sized closet where they’ll be out of the way for when your floor space is in use for something else. Or, if you think these are still too bulky for your needs, you might try the ultra compact aerobic fitness mat, which is thinner, but only comes in black. Either choice should suit the needs of persons looking for compact durability.