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Wrestling Mats Made This Big Boy Feel Like A Champ!

Posted on: January 11th, 2013 by

Well it is a new year officially, no denying that now.  So as many of you out there I have made resolutions to become more active.  Give this working out thing the ‘ol college try sort of speak.  Now after taking the first week and a half of the new year sitting and watching TV contemplating my plan of attack in regards to my new found “motivations” to become more healthy and active; I finally ventured into the local gym.  I did my sign up, paid my fees, signed my Faustian deal in blood, and the inevitable sweat and tears and now I am on my way…hopefully.

Adjusting to a new environment can be unsettling naturally, especially to a gym with its variety of different exercise accessories, where you are the obvious “New Guy”.  Though I must admit, I love to see the people at the gym and their mannerisms when they think that no one is watching.  To see all these hyper-motivated people, dressed in their spandex and sporting their cross training exercise gloves, running, lifting, bending awkwardly over their exercise ball, over-posturing and in general just showing off; it is quite entertaining.  That is until you realize that you are hyperventilating and look like you just got hit by a semi-truck after 5 minutes on the treadmill.

So I decided after my 30 minute brush with death, thanks to the treadmill and elliptical that I would move onto some more strength based exercises.  So I grabbed some of the resistance tubes, which are essentially large rubber bands, and surprisingly very difficult to stretch and bend.  So definitely a good warm up that was to get on the larger machines.  Now there I was, camo-cut off shorts and old Metallica t-shirt lifting 80 pounds, and watching everyone else do at least twice that.  So with my spirit broken I decided to find the nearest yoga mats and catch my breath before calling it a night. Though I pushed through the first night, I am committed to many more.

No grand finale this time dear readers, no real climax, just grinding through and staying on track for now. So wish me luck and with a little luck and lot of work, in the next few months there will be less of me, yet more to write.