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Fitness Flooring Tiles

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

exercise matsI have been doing some home renovations today, and I often thought about how I would have LOVED to have a kneeling pad to preserve my knees!  I’ve been kneeling on hard, half-inch thick, cement board used as underlayment beneath ceramic tiles, and my knees are rather sore now.  I also think just one of these mini jumbo, EVA foam floor tiles would work well as a kneeling pad, as they are 2’ x 2’ square; the jumbo, 4’ x 4’, interlocking gym flooring tiles would be much too large for just kneeling on.

I know…these foam flooring tiles are not really intended to be used as kneeling pads, and are classified as exercise flooring, but let me tell you, when you’ve been on your hands and knees, on concrete sub-flooring [tile backer], for several hours, you begin dreaming about something—ANYTHING—softer to kneel, sit, crouch, and maybe even take a nap on!

Yoga Balls and Accessories

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

yoga accessoriesAlong with shopping for quality yoga mats, adding yoga balls to your collection of yoga accessories can make a nice gift to your self for your better well being.   If you’re serious about your yoga, yoga balls are a preferable choice to personal dumbbells, which aren’t as well suited to holding in various yoga poses.  The attractive spheres come in 3 different pastel colors that are in harmony with the subdued mindset that accompanies yoga.

Other accessories you might want to pick up are yoga meditation cushions, stretch straps, yoga paws, and natural cork yoga blocks; blocks also come in foam, wood, or bamboo, for whichever preference.  The natural wood or bamboo blocks should appeal to the ecologically minded individual, as should the EVA foam versions.  Most offered yoga mats are made of either natural fibers or eco-friendly recycled materials.