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Carpet Logo Floor Mats – The Quality Speaks For Itself!

Posted on: November 25th, 2012 by

Personalized floor mats for your businessI recently, FINALLY, got business cards and now I’m looking for reasons to give them out! I got my first opportunity a few days ago. As you may not know, I have become permanently damaged and have this constant need to examine any “Mat” I come across. Well, I was at a car repair shop and noticed their Carpet Logo Mats were in horrible condition! I could clearly see the name of the company they got it from; it’s one that makes the mat and also picks it up and cleans it for you.

Now I’m not going to throw that company under the bus, but they don’t seem to have a very good product. Granted the fact that they have a cleaning service is probably a big appeal, but I would think a mat that’s easy to clean yourself (like ours) is probably better.  It also seemed to me that they either don’t know how to clean their mats right or have a very low quality mat. The one I saw had absolutely no border on one side, and according to the repair shop guy- he was told that just happens sometimes, and he’d need to buy a new mat. I saw my chance. I casually pulled out a card and said “check out my company’s website, our mats won’t fall apart when you clean them”.  I should have also mentioned that the artwork on our entry logo mats would be much clearer than his mat, but I didn’t want to bad mouth the competition anymore.

I’ve always believed that our quality speaks for itself.  Carpet Logo Mats are a great way to advertise at the entrance of your business. These personalized floor mats have a washable, rubber gripper back for safety and longevity.  In addition, these mats are durable and fade-resistant.

He’ll call, eventually. Especially now it’s starting to rain he’ll probably have a need for a mat with borders. Even if his current mat has the capacity to hold water and debris, without a border the water will just leak out.  I almost feel like going back over there to point out that with the current weather his mat will probably need to be cleaned more and could potentially fall apart more.

On a side note (as a testament to how great our stuff holds up) I bought my grandma a cushion comfort mat over a year ago and I know it gets plenty of abuse.  It looks a little darker but with no tears or scuffs.  As important, it held its cushion feel very well, it still feels brand new!

Personalized Door Mats

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Custom Logo MatsPersonalized door mats are extremely popular—and rightly so—for businesses and people who just have character!  For that perfect, personal touch for your home or business, you just can’t beat the impression you can make on those who step onto your porch or threshold before entering your abode or establishment! Custom logo mats can be made to perfectly match your company logo for the ultimate in professional presentation at your entryway, or even in your office.  There are even custom logo yoga mats,  with embossing for the discerning yoga enthusiast!

One great idea is to place such mats throughout your place of business, as space allows, keeping employees and visitors alike mindful of where they are.  And as there are no number limits on orders for your how many mats you order, a single mat, for your front door—perhaps a family crest—would make a great addition to your front porch, and a terrific gift idea for friends and family members alike (especially someone’s doorstep lacking a decent door mat, which you’ve always thought needed one!)