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Indoor Entrance Floor Mats To The Rescue!

Posted on: October 24th, 2012 by

We’re now entering our 8th month of summer here in So Cal.  You Easterners probably think we’re spoiled, complaining about the perfect weather, but too much of a good thing… Plus, not having regular rain really makes us unprepared.  I’m not even going to discuss the fact that people out here suddenly become crippled when it comes to driving in the rain. Â

I exaggerate, of course, but it’s so perfect all the time that I’m not properly prepared when it does rain.  I don’t own an umbrella.  I seriously lack proper footwear.  Thank goodness I have proper entrance mats to clean off all the gook my shoes collect!  I have hardwood floor, so cleaning up is no problem.  But, I HAVE HARDWOOD FLOORS!!  Water and ick can’t possibly be good for it.  The grains are starting to look a little darker next to my doors.

 I had a customer call me the other day who was from Georgia.  She said her door mats get so saturated with water, they are useless.  She wanted something that would help keep moisture and dirt off her floors, but didn’t have to be hung to dry every day.  I suggested our Sponge Mat, which got me thinking about my own house.  They look pretty nice and actually trap up to a gallon and a half of water per square yard! Â

The other thing I love about indoor entrance floor mats, well this one, is the grippers on the back.  I already have a problem with my furniture slipping and sliding, and it’s heavy!  I think I’m going to get matching indoor entrance mats for my front and back door, which has a dog door on it and leads into my laundry room.  My dogs coming in and out all day is really taking its toll on my tile.  I would think since the “channels” in the Sponge Mat can trap water, it stands to reason they can trap dirt and hair and dust (instead of my grout!).  If I had it my way I’d have my whole house optimized in stuff.

Interlocking Floor Mats, Playground Mats, Entrance Mats, I See Mats Everywhere!!!

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by

Interlocking floor mats have many usesAllow myself to introduce…myself.  I’m Stag, the most recent addition to the ‘matstastic’ world of  Over the last few weeks I have been introduced and educated on the very wide variety of playground mats, yoga mats, entrance mats and all kinds of mats and other products that we have to offer.  As I learn more and more about our wonderful products I find myself in an almost hyper-vigilant state of awareness.  Almost everywhere I go I find some type of door mats or an exercise mat that we offer.
Simply visiting restaurants and markets, and walking over the entrance mats; taking a second glance downward and thinking, “Hmmm, that looks like a Stayput Gripper Indoor Entry Mat”.  Or realizing that the playgrounds that I visited as a child were covered with Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles EPDM Playground Surface Tiles.  The more that I learn our products the more I see them everywhere I frequent.  I quite literally see mats everywhere!
So as the weeks and month progress I look forward to brining you more of my experiences, insights and folly’s.  Till then fellow travelers.

Eddie LeRoy or The Hautman Brother Collection – Awesome Scenic Wildlife Rugs

Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by

Rain… Door mats…The smell of wet earth and asphalt beneath our feet.  The subtle scents of maple embers gently burning upon open fires everywhere.  The deep green hues of hill sides on the horizon brought back to life by the life inducing breath of fresh precipitation.  I can really start to see, hear, and smell it all around me this time of year.  You say you don’t?  Then you must be in southern California; where Summer is perpetual and the middle finger is the universal commuter greeting.  Tragic for someone as in love with cold, gloomy weather as I am… Luckily, the last couple of days have been quite autumn-esque with the aforementioned delights.  By far, Autumn weather is THE sexiest weather of all.  Sure.  Some of you beach bodies out there relish in the supposed delights of SoCal summer with its warm breezes, hot sun, hot women, and the perpetual, mostly-infernally hot air. Â

Not me, though. Give me some rain, some scotch, and a fireplace for me and my sweetheart to re-enact our late night Best-of-80′s-R&B infomercials. You know the ones.  Fire place, aqua-net hair, cheap wine for the lady, tacky sweaters, and that awesome, and I mean AWESOME, Scenic Wildlife Rugs designed by Eddie LeRoy and the Hautman Brothers!

What better way to channel my inner romantic than to proudly display A PACK OF WOLVES (yes that’s right, freakin WOLVES! when inviting the misses for a fire side ‘chat’.  Did I mention WOLVES! ON MY FLOOR! YES!!!!  Or perhaps you’re more of a buck?  Fret not, dear friend. Woo her untamable spirit with the Eddie LeRoy Elk design.  Perhaps you’re neither of those, however.  Maybe what you need is the immovable fixation of the FOCUSED COUGAR (yes, that’s a real mat!!) Shine like the solitary beast you are!  If none of those tickle yours or her fancy, we’ve got bears, more wolves on the move, spring turkeys.  Did I mention we’ve got a MAJESTIC TIGER! YOU CAN’T BE A MAHOGONY FURNITURE-OWNING MAN WIHTOUT ONE!  Turn up the Luther Vandross or Michael McDonald and get on that mother.  The home rug, I mean.

Doormats…Could Be Your Next Resting Place!

Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by

Writer’s block is a serious, serious thing.  Luckily, I’m not a writer so the awesome spew of thoughts that I get to share with you is pure, raw, and unadulterated by ‘artistic’ inclinations (see SARCASM).  Also, blogging is not something I technically consider ‘writing’.  I find it to be a socially acceptable form of brain dropping (see JAB AT SELF).  But what is the true poet to do?  One who sees with the eyes of the soul and wants nothing but to be pure of heart and expression.  What do the future Jack Kerouacs or Charles Bukowskis do in a world where a poorly written script for a movie can get your flatulent roommate a $250,000 paycheck (see BATTLESHIP)?  The textbook answer is (obviously) hone your craft, travel, take risks, share your work and be receptive (but not subject) to the criticism of your peers.  For most writing folk I know, the REAL answer it seems (and I cite previously mentioned writers as keen examples) is to indulge in the vice of the storytellers.  Nice try, but the answer is not Dave and Busters… it is A to the L to the C to the O to the H O L!  Warning!  Could also lead to waking up on random door mats (see COLLEGE).

It is a well known fact that excessive consumption of spirits, (also knows as “fire water” by the Native peoples of the Americas) during some of these literary “experiments”, that ‘accidents’ are known to happen (also see COLLEGE).  Certain ‘accidents’ require that you call a friend or roommate to help you flip the mattress over (see A FEW WEEKS AGO).  Is there an easier way?  Well, now, you can enhance your creativity (responsibly!!) and protect your nightly-used investment with one of our Premium Pillow and Mattress Protectors!  These will not prevent irresponsible behavior (I personally enjoy a fine whiskey on Saturday night by the fireplace with my misses and cat) but it will certainly make some of the less serious consequences of your spirit-fueled literary legacy (see Kristen Stewart as Marylou in upcoming adaptation of ON THE ROAD) much more practical and your mattress and those you share it with, will thank you for it!Â

Enjoy your Friday evening, everyone!  If you do wake up on random doormats, hopefully it is one of your kitchen floor mats or indoor entrance mats and not a strangers.  Drink responsibly!


Rubber Mats and Vegetarians?

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by
It is totally inevitable that when you go vegetarian (2 months now), there will undoubtedly be questions from friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to the tune of “we’re mammals. we’re supposed to eat meat,” or “what the hell are you gonna eat now,” and my favorite one of all is the horrified look on someone’s face as they ask “BUT WHY?!?!”.
While I generally don’t want to ascribe to any kind of moral higher ground, it is a highly personal decision (I promise, this is going somewhere).
#1- A high animal protein diet, especially when lower quality meats are consumed, continues to show more and more links to cancer, obesity, and a plethora of other premature chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
#2 – I’m simply an animal lover. I’m not saying someone who enjoys a burger would eat their dog. For most, it’s a far removed thing as few of us EVER have to kill, skin, and cure our own meat.
#3 – Meat industry is horrendously bad for the environment, the planet, and the amount of suffering that chickens, cattle, or farm raised fish face is something that any child, if made aware of, would immediately give up hot dogs for. Both my nieces did.
Which brings me to my point.  Most companies are far from perfect, but many more are trying to regulate their carbon foot print in whatever they can. That’s why I’m very happy that we at at the very least offer an eco-friendly section of products for those who try to be a little more conscious of environmental impact.  From yoga mats to playground surfaces to door mats, there’s actually a pretty generous selection of products that are made in America and are made from recycled or natural materials.  Stop on over check it out!
Now that the preaching is over, I can admit that a big part of the reason for vegetarianism (and the raised environmental/social awareness that comes with it)  is… le ‘wife’ won’t cook meat anymore.  Sad faces all around.

Entrance Mats and Cats…

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by
I’ve got a bad, bad headache today.  I mean really bad.  You know why?  Because I recently became a father.  It wasn’t planned really.  I just got caught up in the moment of my girlfriend moving in and before you know it… I agreed that I would help her take her CAT, Bobby!
Bobby, at least for now, is just like a newborn Entrance mats can be fun for catsson.  Constant liter changes, 4 hours sleep cycles, and nothing but noise come 2:30am. This has made it considerably hard to keep it together after an eight and a half hour workday then coming home him while he gets adjusted to his new home.  Lots of clawing.  Lots of spraying.  It’s not so much the meowing or the constant roiling of cat liter at night, but the continuous scratching sounds of this fine, young feline specimen using our very nice rug (a gift from my mother) as a if he were kneading pizza dough has to stop!  My girlfriend suddenly got the bright idea that since I work at, there HAS to be some kind of ‘cat rug’.  Something that he can scratch into all he wants, but won’t completely destroy as he’s on his way to doing with our nice plush rug.  Little does she know, we’ve yet to truly tap into the pet market.
The headache persists, and as I thought of what to convey to all you fine people in the blogosphere, I found myself taking twelve aspirin and then it happened… a moment of clarity.  I scurried over to our Maxima Mat samples (typically used as entry floor mats or door mats) .  All of a sudden, I found a durable mat with no ‘loose’ fibers that a cat would have a hard time ripping through. This mat will be put to the test this weekend and we shall see how well it holds up against this adorable ball of orange-white animal anxiety.  Obviously, a product that is traditionally used as entrance mats isn’t spray-proof (if you own a male cat, you know…), but it is made of 45 oz. extra coarse polypropylene fibers that can scrape the smart off a string-theorist (file under poorly executed astrophysics jokes).
I’m confident it will hold up against the rage of a cat removed from his home of 6 years and into the abyss that is the recording studio/love shack/pin-pong death-arena that is ‘Casa de Benigno’.  More as it develops.

Home Door Mats

Posted on: September 4th, 2012 by

The Cleanscrape Welcome Iron Front Door Mats in Coffee ColorI just moved into a new home and feel very lucky that I work for a company that sells, among other things, home door mats.  We needed a front door mat and also a mat for the back door.  I forgot how important these mats were until I noticed how much dirt was being tracked inside our new house.  I thought about going to Costco or something to get a mat, but I didn’t want to settle on just anything, so I spent some time to look through the huge selection of entrance mats we have at 

Cleanscrape home door mats - Celtic Lattice in CoffeeI decided to go off a customers recommendation whom I had recently spoken to.  She bought a couple different patterns of our CleanScrape Mats.  She had a friend that had bought our mats and they told her how excellent they were holding up.  So I sat down and picked out a couple different CleanScrape styles and sizes I liked.  I received them at my house about a week ago… delivered to my “front door.”  They look awesome.  Being in our early 30′s we play all kinds of sports and get plenty dirty.  We got the Celtic Lattice mat for our back door so any water can drain all the way through as it is not a covered area.  For the front we purchased the Welcome Iron mat.  We were able to get them in matching coffee colors.

People have different tastes (styles, colors, etc.) and different needs (sizes, quantities, etc.), but whatever your needs are I’m sure will have what your looking for… and if not, they can always make custom door mats (custom sizes or custom logo door mats) to fit your needs.  So, whether you’re moving into a new house or apartment – like me – or just need to replace your existing door mats, it might behove you to check out the selection of mats offered by  They also offer a huge selection of quality commercial and industrial mats for the workplace, so keep that in mind too!

Wipe Your Paws Doormat

Posted on: January 24th, 2011 by

Choosing the right front door mat.There are so many different types of door mats being sold today.  So, how do you choose the best one for your needs? 

First, you need to determine what size doormat you need.  A front door mat at an apartment or home with a single door is typically anywhere from an 18″x24″ to a 24″x36″ size mat. The next step is to figure out what matters to you most (color, durability, scraping action, theme, etc.).  If you care most about durability and scraping action then you generally want to go with rubber door mats, but if you care more about the look, colors, etc. than you will generally have more luck with carpet topped mats. 

However, you can now often get the best of both worlds with colorful, themed, durable rubber door mats designed to bring beauty and functionality to the entry of your home.  The wipe your paws doormat pictured is one example.

Door Mats To The Rescue

Posted on: October 22nd, 2010 by
Door Mats and Entry Mats - Keep The Dirt Outside

Door Mats and Entry Mats - Keep The Dirt Outside

Many of the door mats, entry mats and mat runners found today incorporate fashion, durability and functionality.  Specifically, many mats today offer improved scraping ability, color fade resistance, improved durability and ease of cleaning. Residential door mats are now designed using the latest fashion trends along with the durability and functionality of commercial matting products. 

Therefore, protecting your floors doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are many options available to you depending on your needs. If you have problems with wear and tear in heavy traffic areas; discoloration due to weather; or dirt that is tracked into your home and office, than the proper mat can be the solution to your problems. Mats can help keep your floors clean, provide protection and are easy to clean. Carpet mats trap water, keeping moisture in the mat and dirt off your floors!

Eco Friendly Entrance Mats

Posted on: July 16th, 2010 by
Eco Door MatHelp Keep Tires out of the Landfills. The latest Environmentally Friendly upscale Royale Entry Mats made with a molded recycled rubber backing NEW to the Matting Industry! This durable Eco Door Mat provides Top-of-the-line heavyweight perfomance for any busy traffic area, for inside or outside entrance settings.  Custom Sizes are available… up to 12′ wide and 60′ long! Royale Door Mats are premium indoor/outdoor quality door mats made of heavyweight construction for high traffic areas.
  • Dual fiber needlepunch carpet dries quickly and resist stainging and fading.
  • The molded Recycled Rubber backing provides heft and durability while the crush-resistant carpet surface effectively removes debris and moisture. 
  • Bi-level surface scrapes debris from passing shoes. 
  • Attractive double border design traps debris and moisture in the MAT and off the floor.
  • Heavyweight recycled rubber backing minimizes movement on carpet and hard wood floor surfaces. 
  • All weather construction
  • Custom Sizes available..2 feet wide up to 12 feet wide by widths up to 60 feet in length!

Ideal for heavily trafficked indoor/outdoor entrances, walkways and/or lobbys.