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Rib Pattern Door Mats

Posted on: May 31st, 2010 by

entrance matsMost of today’s outdoor entrance mats are made from 100% durable, recycled rubber, and have either a carpet top surface—or something similar—that is designed to catch grime and dust. If you’re not looking for a decorative door mat, but something more conservative, the rib pattern door mat [pictured] is always an excellent choice, with a durable vinyl backing, and are more economically priced if your budget can’t handle something “higher end” and yet you need to “cover your tracks” in regards to providing mats for people to wipe their feet on.

And then, once your budget increases, you might want to consider something such as the ever popular CleanScrapeTM outdoor entrance mats, which are much heavier duty, UV resistant, meaning they won’t fade in sunlight, and the most aggressive entrance mats on the market, made with an eco-friendly, recycled rubber base.

Welcome Mats

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

Welcome MatsSpringtime is almost over and summer is oh so close. But there still might be a few rainy days in the forecast, and so why not replace that old front door mat and buy a few welcome mats to match the coming summer, and subsequent autumn months?

Don’t you get tired of that same, old mat that’s been there on your porch all these years? The same one you often look down at while wiping your feet and think, “We need to get a new welcome mat.” So why not buy something that’s not only beautiful, but durable and eco-friendly, to boot?

Sure, you could settle for just one of several, nice quality, all season home door mats, and be done with it, but what about the back door? What about the entrance into the house, from the garage? Why not cover every entrance and place something attractive at each of those points of entry into your home? These mats are not only eco-friendly, but are durable and easily hosed off to maintain their beauty.

Door Mats

Posted on: May 11th, 2010 by

front door mats and entryway matsFront door mats…welcome mats…entryway mats…they probably aren’t what folks from the older generations remember anymore. Those of you who are over 40, for instance, when you think of door mats—unless you’ve purchased a lovely door mat in recent years—probably picture the unattractive, black, thin, virtually useless “Welcome” mats that have been around practically since civilization began…AND STILL ARE!

But like so many things that have evolved with technology, door mats have been transformed into things of beauty…into home decorations that can be proudly displayed, and from which you’re likely to receive many compliments on! Many of today’s door mats are made of highly durable, 100% recycled rubber, and are “eco-friendly” meaning they won’t harm the environment once they do eventually wear out and are thrown away.

Nowadays, door mats have even inspired mats to be used for other practical purposes other than wiping one’s feet before entering someone’s home, such as a kneeling pad, which is great when you have to kneel on hard ground and don’t want to bruise your knees. Yes, it’s true…gone are the days of those boring, plain, black Welcome mats!