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Which Anti-Fatigue Mat Is Right For Me?

Posted on: July 19th, 2012 by
I got a very interesting telephone call from a customer regarding a high-end lenses repair operation he just started. These are repairs for lenses from microscopes to telescopes… out of his detached garage! Shocked and alarmed, (I’ve tried disassembling a camera lenses before in less than perfect conditions and ended up with A LOT of dust caught in the camera, which resulted in a useless camera) the first borderline-annoyed question on my mind was “how can you work on, let alone repair, lenses in a garage?? Is it a finished garage? Is it a workshop? Really, that’s three questions, but you see, lenses require manufacture and service in fairly clean, sterile, dust free environments.  Any particle of dust that gets caught in the chambers of a telescope, microscope, or camera lenses can cause some serious headaches for the observer using it.  A trip to the Griffith Park Observatory (or any observatory really) would serve everyone well to understand just how precise, delicate, and magnificent these instruments are.
Our customer is a professional, however, and was calling us to see if we could provide a foam material with anti-fatigue qualities for himself and his staff that does not shed any of it’s particles from use.  When working they tend to stand for long periods of time and they wanted to be more comfortable.  With ease, we decided on any of the hard-topped anti-fatigue mats as opposed to the ones that are just pure foam. These being (to name a few) our Diamond anti-fatigue mat, Invigorator, and the K-marble anti-fatigue mat.  I strayed away from the Marble fatigue mat since I understand to be more prone to chemical wear than our vinyl.