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Commercial Kitchen Mats: Performa Solid Deck (SD)

Posted on: April 27th, 2011 by

Commercial Kitchen Mats - Interlocking Rubber MatsThe Performa SD mats are the perfect commercial kitchen mats.  These interlocking rubber mats help relieve fatigue and increase productivity.  The solid surface provides “complete coverage” on a slightly elevated anti fatigue standing surface.  There are nibs to elevate the mat above the floor surface to allow easy drainage of fluids underneath the mat for wet work areas.  Each mat has built-in interlocking connectors designed to securely connect two or more sections to cover larger areas.

Anti-Fatigue commercial kitchen mats, like the Performa SD, improve employee comfort, minimize slip and falls and increase productivity.  The solid deck interlocking kitchen floor tiles are ideal for bars, service areas, commercial kitchens and industrial areas. 

Each rubber tile is 3′x3′ and 5/8″ thick.  There are two styles available – standard black and black with GritTuffâ„¢ top (this is an extremely aggrressive, high traction, carbide grit top surface.).

Door Mats

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

door mats and kitchen floor matsEveryone is familiar with front door mats, but have you ever thought about placing a decorative floor mat in your kitchen, in front of the kitchen sink, or where you stand while cooking?  Well why not?  There are hosts of beautiful, stain-proof, decorative kitchen floor mats that will not only provide some comfort for the feet of whomever is washing the dishes or cooking most of the time, but will also add a nice touch of beauty and style to your kitchen.

These are not so much a thing of indulgence as they are a stylish way to provide some comfort to the feet of one of your most valuable, familial assets: your cook and dishwasher!   If you want to talk indulgence or pampering oneself, you could treat yourself or loved one to the pleasures of heated floor mats, for those chilly mornings! Radiant heaters are also available.