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Who Knew? I Didn’t.

Posted on: May 25th, 2012 by

My name is Chris and I have been working for for almost two years.  Before working for this company, I had no idea there was such a demand for so many different types of mats!  It’s crazy… mats are literally everywhere!

Recently I’ve been talking to a lot of customers who are interested in purchasing anti fatigue mats for their homes, their employees and/or themselves.  Many of them, who are replacing their old fatigue mats, are shocked when they receive a quote from me - because they previously paid much more for the same or similar product.  I  can’t get over the amount of money people spend on these things.  They don’t need to be so expensive… at least not on our site.

At first, I thought an anti fatigue floor mat was an unnecessary expense.  Then, I decided to do a little research and I found out that there are tons of advantages to having an anti fatigue mat.  An anti fatigue mat can

  • Reduce spinal compression and increases circulation
  • Help minimize heat loss through feet
  • Minimize noise
  • Using an Anti Fatigue mat daily can make you less prone to sickness, stress and strainÂ

Now I know why doing dishes at home seems to stress me out.  My back hurts, my neck hurts, my legs hurt- it’s really just an uncomfortable task.  Prior to working here, I assumed it was just because I was hunched over, but fortunately, our Cushion Comfort mats fixed the problem.