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Kids Play Rugs Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Posted on: December 11th, 2013 by

Tumbling Mats Are On There Way!The Holidays are approaching once again, which means it’s time to start thinking about all those Holiday gifts like a children’s play mats for your niece. This is a busy time of year for business’ in general, but for internet companies like ours, it’s even more chaotic. I know online shopping is quick and convenient, but there are still things that can go wrong. As somebody that’s been in sales for a few years and been through my share of Holiday seasons here’s some tips to ensure you get your kids play rugs as quick and correct as possible. I can’t say for sure all companies are the same, but I’m sure it’s pretty similar:

#1- Place your order for your daughters tumbling mats as far in advance as you can. With high volumes of people ordering, stock can go quickly and many products have to be produced; especially custom items. There’s also the added stress on Delivery Services during this time of the year… especially as Holidays get closer. The mass amount of packages being shipped definitely causes delays.

#2 Call and ask questions. One of the biggest problems with online ordering is sometimes a picture doesn’t due the item justice.. or it looks better than it is. Give your sales people a call and pick their brain. You’re paying your hard earned money on something, it should be exactly what you want. I know all of our sales representative would never sell something to you that doesn’t work for you and we’re very educated in our products so we can probably give you a good suggestion.

#3- Make sure to check your Order Confirmation/ Receipt. You may think the person helping you listens correctly but sometimes there is miscommunication and your address could easily be a letter or number off which can delay your package. Also take a look at Quantity and color to make sure it’s correct.

#4- Bug Customer Service – Maybe not everyday, but depending on how long your lead time is, check in once or twice. And I know I said to “bug” them.. but in reality it’s their job. Don’t feel bad, but be patient. Keep in mind there’s probably 2 people for every 200 callers.

That’s literally 4 little things you can do to make sure your gifts get to where they’re supposed to be, in time to brighten somebody’s day.

Children’s Play Mats And What The Different Colors Mean!

Posted on: May 24th, 2013 by

Playroom Florring Makes All The Difference!A baby’s environment can greatly enhance his development, even at infancy, according to pediatrician Dr. William Sears. Each of the five senses can promote learning, including sight. In fact, visual stimulation may pose the most significant influence on a baby’s developing nervous system. So it is important that parents choose colors and patterns that encourage growth and create the right blend of comfort and stimulation.

Black-and-White Stripes

  • Unlike an adult, a baby’s retinas are not fully developed at birth. Pastel or muted colors are therefore likely to blur until the retina is matured. It is still important, however, for parents to provide babies with visual stimulation that supports brain cell health, vision and learning. Contrasting colors deliver the strongest visual signals to a baby’s brain, helping the brain and eyes to develop more quickly. Those colors that appear most boldly to a baby are black and white, and striped patterns provide the greatest contrast. Blankets, bed sheets and toys that feature black-and-white stripes are ideal for a baby’s bedroom. Books, toys and children’s play mats in contrasting colors of light and dark can also be used for added stimulation.

Bold Colors

  • In addition to accessories in black and white, parents should also use bold colors to stimulate a baby’s brain development. Orange is reportedly a color that promotes feelings of optimism, while yellow is believed to stimulate thinking. Similarly, red can evoke enthusiasm, and toys (kids play mat) in these bright hues will help draw a baby’s attention. While bold colors are not recommended for bedroom walls, they can be incorporated into a decorating scheme with accents. Playrooms can also feature bright colors, and one option for parents is to paint one wall in a bold shade of red while keeping the other three more neutral.

Pastels and Neutrals

  • Over-stimulation can occur with babies who are excessively exposed to stripes and bright colors. Because rest is necessary for optimal development, bedrooms should provide the right mixture of stimulation and comfort. Pastel wall colors with bright accents can help parents achieve this delicate combination. Blue and green pastels, for example, are often associated with feelings of calm and tranquility. Neutral colors like cream and beige can be used for walls, kids play rugs and carpeting. These colors can then be emboldened with red, yellow and orange border or furniture pieces to provide stimulation when baby is awake.

Preferred Colors

  • Dave Munger, a writer for “Cognition Daily,” reports that babies have preferences for certain colors. Although infants cannot distinguish between colors, babies at 2 months of age can normally differentiate between most colors. As such, Munger indicates that blues and purples are usually babies’ favorites, with greens, yellows and reds being less preferred. This may be important when parents select nursery decorating schemes, as preferred colors will draw a baby’s eye, while others may cause a baby to become fussy or cranky.

Our SoftFloor tiles are a great way to protect and stimulate you child in a fun colorful way. We have over 19 different colors and combinations so you can mix and match colors.

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Children’s Play Mats

Posted on: May 8th, 2010 by

kids play carpetsChildren’s play mats with colorful images such as maps of the U.S. or the world are lots of fun for kids to play—and learn—on, and they’re perfect for home or school.   And when we say play mats, we are speaking about a vast variety of carpet top mats, foam, mats, fold-able mats, mats that roll up, and even mats that piece together kind of like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Some of the most remarkable of children’s play mats are the circular classroom carpets and rugs for kids; all are award winning for safety due to being non-toxic or non-allergenic in composition.  Pictured here is a carpeted variation of one the timeless, classic kids’ games—hopscotch.  The hopscotch rug for kids is great for when weather prevents kids from playing outside, or when there simply is no place they can draw their own with chalk.

Kids Tumbling Mats

Posted on: May 4th, 2010 by

kids tumbling matsIf you’re looking for a good selection of quality kids tumbling mats, you can find all you need here!  Your local super stores aren’t likely to stock much in the way of selection, other than, perhaps, something exceptionally ordinary and generic, being on the lower end of quality scale.

That’s one thing if you want something you don’t care will last a short while, perhaps to satisfy a kid’s passing fancy; but if you need excellent quality, durable tumbling mats for kids—or adults—take a look around at this online provider!  There’s no need to compromise if your needs are specific, either.

Whether the needs are for mats taking on high impact tumbling from gymnastics, or if you are a martial arts instructor looking for martial arts mats, you can find precisely what you need—and usually in a nice selection of colors, sizes, and styles.

Pre-School Nap Mats

Posted on: May 3rd, 2010 by

Children's Play and Nap MatsPre-school nap mats are something you’ll need to obtain if you are an administrator of an elementary school with a pre-K division, or if you run a daycare, or even home-school your own children, as nap time is invaluable to allowing children to rejuvenate during their school day.  The best way to store nap mats, is to hang them up, keeping them off the floor—and out from underneath children’s feet, when not in use—helping to maintain their integrity and not wear out so fast (and to keep YOU from having to wipe off dirty mats so kids won’t lie down on them).

Its’ one thing to have children’s play mats around for playing on, such as play carpets or education rugs that have maps of the United States, or the world—these types of children’s mats are an integral part of the preschool and early elementary years—but any discerning parent or teacher will want to ensure “his or her kids” are taken care of with the utmost care, by providing excellent quality nap mats as well.

Kids Playroom Flooring

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Children's matsKids playroom flooring is perfect for new or older playrooms, serving many purposes, with some advantages you might not have considered. If you’re building a new house, or adding a playroom for your kids, and you have decided children’s play mats aren’t quite sufficient for your needs, you really should look into the benefits of kids playroom flooring.  Whether you want to cover a selected area, or an entire floor space within a room, your options are virtually limitless.

For example, if you go with a carpeted children’s playroom flooring, and are considering going with wall-to-wall carpet in your kids’ room any way, why not choose interlocking, foam tiles with a carpet top?  The foam is a natural sound barrier, as well as serving as insulation from cold.  What’s more, foam flooring will help protect your children from more serious injuries for those times when they fall down while playing.  Children’s playroom flooring is also excellent for classroom situations.

Children’s Play Mats

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by

Children's Play MatsChildren’s play mats are great fun for kids to safely play on the floor without mom—or teachers—worrying about bruised knees or scuffed up pants.  Many of kids play mats have a design that will be sufficient for smaller kids to “vroom vroom” their cars or trucks on, or even build their own town on during playtime.  And what kid doesn’t love to pop bubbles? With a kids “Hop N Pop” activity play mat, you can safely insert bubble sheets for kids to pop until their young hearts are content!