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Children’s Play Rugs

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

children's play matsMy kids have all grown up and while they were younger we sort of missed the many cool, children’s play rugs or mats, like the ones available today. Oh sure, there were some play mats, like play rugs for cars and other imagination igniting fun [I did the same thing, as a kid, but in the dirt…most kids, boys at least, still do] that they got to enjoy in pre-K and Kindergarten, but there are some really nice play mats and play carpets for kids to day; some for pure fun and enjoyment, some for educational purposes.

Take, for instance, the various mats and carpets with maps of the world or United States; educational rugs are designed to be fun and promote learning. You can even go with foam mats, like the foam tile world map, which is not only cool and educational, but also soft and safe to lay—or play—on.

Play Carpets for Kids

Posted on: June 15th, 2010 by

play carpets for kidsWhen I was a little kid, there were no play carpets for kids like we have today. When we wanted to play with our toy cars we set up blocks on the living room rug, or we went outside and carved dirt roads in the dirt. Nowadays, there’s such a wonderful assortment for kids to enjoy…from purely fun play carpets or play mats, to educational rugs that have maps of the world and other nifty imagery to help with child learning and development.

Our world today, sadly, isn’t as safe as it used to be and, unless parents can stay right by their children’s sides while they play, it’s often not safe to let them play out and around the neighborhood, so play mats help to make it fun for kids to play indoors and stay safe. There are even larger rugs, like the oval carpet shown here, that will help teachers teach kids while maintaining some semblance of order in the classroom.

Carpeted Play Mats

Posted on: May 12th, 2010 by

carpeted play mats for kidsDoes your classroom have enough carpeted play mats for your students? There are children’s play mats and play carpets in just about every conceivable design and use.

It’s interesting how we often don’t want our kids to play on the floor, as it’s not the cleanest place, typically, but when you have so many kids, and you can’t have them running all over the place, and most of their time is spent indoors, the obvious solution for allowing children to play safely, keeping them in one, central location, is to provide specialized classroom carpets—either just for fun, or educational such as carpeted map mats—to occupy their time and young minds. Round, classroom carpets for kids are just one of many great ideas you can choose from…and they’re all non-toxic, lead and latex free, and eco-friendly!