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Entry Mats

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by

door matsPretty much every front door step I’ve ever stepped upon has a welcome mat of some sort or other, but not so many have entry mats, and I often wonder why.  At our house, we have a “no shoes” rule [it comes from my wife’s culture, and I do favor the rule, even though I’m somewhat exempt, working from home and need my “back shoes” on pretty much at all times].

But when the weather is inclement, or when we tend to track in dirt and grime, we typically lay down a cheap throw rug to wipe our feet, and now, after writing these posts, am beginning to wonder why we haven’t invested in a couple of entry mats.  Do you have entry mats for your home?  Why do we often tend to think of entry mats as being only for businesses, or breezeways?  If you’ve got nice carpet or floors you’d rather not have dirtied up, then you might want to consider the practical value of entry mats.