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Camouflage Rubber Flooring

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by

trade show flooringNow you might think me a goofball for saying this, but I sort of wish I had a place to put down some camouflage trade show flooring, in my home or office space, like what’s picture here.  Seriously!  There is a reason why I say this, so give me a chance!  I have a bad back, and standing or walking on hard floors doesn’t help.  So I do wear expensive shoes to help, but having a more yielding floor would be helpful, too.

Maybe you know someone who could benefit from some of these tiles put down just in their immediate workspace to help reduce fatigue, particularly if they’re on their feet all day.  And if they—or you—are on their/your feet all day, you might want to look into using some anti-fatigue mats, which are specifically designed to reduce stress on body joints…like…bad backs!