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Anti Fatigue Mats Recently Studied By The Department Of Labor!

Posted on: June 28th, 2013 by

Anti Fatigue Mats Just Make Sense!The Department of Labor recently conducted a series of studies with the intention of giving numeric values to the amount of relief offered by anti-fatigue mats in a working environment that is using a primarily concrete flooring surface.
The conclusion of the studies will, no doubt, earn several Nobel prizes. The resulting answers are as follows : Anti-Fatigue mats are of great help.

Here’s a suggestion fellas, ASK the WORKING STIFF! Whether you are on an assembly line or behind a register at the local “Bag O’ Groceries” store, standing on a hard surface is horrible and standing on a cushy mat is better. TAH DAH! Can I have the grant money now?

“Test methods included infrared thermal imaging, body temperature sensors, calf circumference measurement, cognitive testing and a questionnaire regarding body comfort where participants registered their scaled ratings on levels of comfort or discomfort as well as levels of fatigue/tiredness. Eight different anti-fatigue matting samples were provided.

The subjective results showed statistically significant benefits to users of anti-fatigue floor mats when compared to standing on a concrete floor, especially to the lower and upper legs and lower back areas. The comfort comparisons between the ‘mat’ and ‘no mat’ conditions after 90 minutes were significant with benefits experienced to both thermal and postural comfort.”
Director, Richard Cooke says, “We are very pleased with the results of this study and would like to thank all those involved.”
Conclusions include:

Anti-fatigue matting helps to promote regular movement as the feet naturally adapt to the cushioned surface of the mat. The movement of muscles contracting and expanding is very subtle but is enough to reduce, even prevent in some cases, the health risks associated with standing by increasing blood flow and helping oxygen reach the heart.

•Increasing comfort by installing anti-fatigue matting helps to improve concentration, reducing the potential for accidents, and also helps to increase productivity.

•Back pain is a huge concern for employers and extremely distressing for sufferers. The scientific study confirms that the use of floor mats has a beneficial effect on the postural comfort to those who stand for long periods of time compared to standing on concrete.

The New name for the Department has been officially changed to The Department of Understudied Habitats, or DUH for short.

Work In Comfort – Use an Anti Fatigue Mat

Posted on: October 25th, 2010 by

Anti Fatigue Mats - Anti Fatigue Matting Simply Makes CentsIn many industries, workers are required to stand for long periods of time while performing their responsibilities. Whether you work on an assembly line, as a retail sales clerk, as a hair stylist, or one of the many other “on your feet” type of jobs, having an anti fatigue mat is a must!

Recent studies estimate that more than 83% of the industrial workforce has experienced foot, back and lower leg problems. Ergonomic intervention, such as anti fatigue matting is a cost-effective measure to help prevent or control this problem.  Anti-fatigue Matting helps reduce fatigue. In addition, it has been proven that anti fatigue mats will improve employee morale and productivity.  Matting will also provide resolution to other work environment needs such as traction, wear-resistance, fluid and chemical protection, durability, shock-absorption, ESD/Conductive and floor coverings.

In addition, insurance companies consider matting one of the top 3 solutions to Slip & Fall problems.

In todays work environment, matting is a factor in almost all plants where a new safety & productivity plan is implemented. It is considered the quickest and most affordable method to enhance safety and reduce workplace injuries and relieve fatigue and stress.

Simply put, Anti Fatigue Matting Makes Cents!